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Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara

Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara is a Telugu - movie directed by Shekhar Raja. Starring Manchu Manoj,Manchu Lakshmi,Deeksha Seth,Sonu,Madhumitha,Sood,Dharmavarapu,Prabhu Ganesan,Suhasini,Bhanuchander,Nandamuri Balakrishna,Saikumar Sharma,Nizhalgal Ravi.

Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shekhar Raja.
PRODUCER:Manchu Lakshmi.

Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara Review

`Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara` not for family audiences (Telugu Movie Review)

Produced by well-known television anchor and actress Manchu Lakshmi, Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara stars her younger brother Manchu Manoj Kumar as the male lead. Manchu Lakshmi, who has yet to produce a successful film, delivers yet another bad film.

However, her performance in the climax stands out and Nandamuri Balakrishna`s midway entry works as an energy booster for the slow paced movie.

The background music is uninspiring.

Director Shekhar Raja picked up an interesting concept but he has not been able to handle it well. The script is confusing.

The film follows the trend of hugely successful moives Arundathi and Kanchana, but the director has failed to recreate the same magic.

The film starts with dull proceedings and boredom strikes at regular intervals. But towards the end of the first half, it becomes interesting.

Deeksha Seth and other veteran artists have not been used upto their capability.

The story is all about Rayudu, son of Narasimha Rayudu who owns a big palatial Gandharva Mahal, which is believed to be haunted by ghosts. Some tenants refuse to leave and pay proper rents despite threats by the villagers.

Manoj enters the scene. He occupies a small room in the palace as a tenant and later reveals the secret behind the ghosts in the palace.

Balakrishna`s appearance in a few sequences are the highlight of the film. Manoj is good in comedy sequences and fights, but it is his sister Lakshmi Manchu who steals the show.

Sonu Sood is menacing as a villain. Deeksha Seth is not so impressive.

Technical aspect of the film is ordinary.

Uu kodatara Ulikki padataara is certainly not a good watch for family audience. Balakrishna`s fans may enjoy a few moments.

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