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Guru En Aalu

Guru En Aalu is a Tamil - movie directed by Selva. Starring Madhavan,Mamta Mohandas,Abbas,Brinda Parekh,Vivek,M. S. Bhaskar,Manobala,Mayilsamy,Sona,Renuka,Aarthi,Poovilangu Mohan,Thambi Ramaiah.

Guru En Aalu Cast / Crew
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Brinda Parekh



Poovilangu Mohan

Guru En Aalu Review

`Guru En Aalu`: stick to watching the original (IANS film review)   

Rating: *

While remaking a hit, specialist directors and cinematographers of the craft have no reason to sweat as available material is already cut-and-dried.

When it is made by a veteran of remakes and stars a decent artiste like Madhavan, one expects a passably good fare.

Sadly, "Guru En Aalu", the Tamil avatar of Hindi hit "Yes Boss", disappoints on all counts.

Most of the performers including hero Madhavan have hammed while trying outdo the sterling Hindi portrayals.

In the case of Abbas, his notorious wooden expression has worsened with the passage of time.

In the name of comedy, otherwise known for his sensible comments on the society`s ills, Vivek fails miserably in a loud, listless effort.

A lecherous boss Krishna (Abbas) two-times his suspicious wife played by Brinda Parekh and Guru (Madhavan) generally saves his boss from impossible extra marital situations.

A gold-digger model Seema (Mamta Mohandas), nonplussed by Krishna`s atrocious advances finally gets saved by Guru after tear-jerking cinematic melodrama.

Mamta is easy on the eye with an hourglass figure to boot and that is where the good news ends.

While Madhavan is a poor imitation of Shah Rukh Khan, Mamta is an slur against Juhi Chawla`s spirited portrayal in the Hindi original.

Despite having remade better known movies for discerning producers like K. Balachander, director Selva has lost the plot completely this time.

Cinematographer Senthil Kumar and music director Deva have only succeeded in compounding this erroneous comedy.

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Guru En Aalu Synopsis

The story goes like this: Maddy is a result-oriented young man, passionately dedicated to achieving his goals in life. In addition to his extra smartness to grab a favorable opportunity to settle in life. For him, the job will mark the end of his toil. Modern Miss Mamta too is ambitious, focussed and full of vim and vigour. Mamta too is ready to put in a bit of her charm and skills to move up the corporate ladder. Both embark upon a job hunt. Predictably, both these like-minded individuals meet. When, where and with what result?

Both get jobs in a prominent company and begin to like each other`s company. Soon, their fledgling romance gets interrupted. Abbas, the MD of the company, has a clandestine weakness for pretty women and soon falls for gorgeous Mamta. Mamta, who was initially reluctant , subsequently accepts his advances, calculating the prospective benefits. The situations becomes too gauche to handle when Abbas chooses Maddy to be the Ambassador for his affair. But using Abbas as an tool, Maddy and Mamta join forces and make wise plans to remove to the top. Does Abbas come to know about the understanding between Maddy and Mamta? Does he treat his relationship with Mamta seriously? What problems do the love birds face? Watch Guru an Alu to find out! The funny situations evoke hearty laughs and the makers promise that the film will have the entire audience in fits of laughter throught.

Shooting for Guru An alu was in Chennai and parts of Kerala. Recently, a song was shot in a very grand manner, The song, `veesuvuthu en Kattrudhan, BBC-il en pettidhan`, features actor Madhavan dancing 15 Mumbai models. There are plans to shoot a few other songs in Australia.

KRG Movies International has a track record for being a remarkably successful production company; director Selva too has the experience of directing many frontline heroes and good storylines. Music is by Srikanth Deva and camera is by U.K. Senthil Kumar. All these will be the plus points of Guru En Alu, a complete commercial entertainer.

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