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Poo is a Tamil - movie directed by Sasi. Starring Srikanth,Parvathi Menon.

Poo Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Nesagee Cinemas P.R. Saraswathy.

Parvathi Menon

Poo Review

`Poo`: a disappointing fare (IANS Film Review)

 Rating: *

Director Sasi returns with Poo (Bloom) after a long hiatus, but has ended up with a bloomer.

The offering has situations similar to mushy hits like Autograph, Thavamaai Thavamirundhu and Azhagy.

The story revolves around a villager-turned-engineer Thangarasu (Srikant) who is unhappily married to a rich woman. He bumps into his old flame Mari (Parvathy), the better half of a tea shop owner. The film deals with their trip down memory lane.

Flashbacks reveal Mari`s crush, her inability to say yes at the vital moment and the sacrifices of the protagonist`s father to help him reach an acceptable social status.

Mari`s present sob story and her continued yearning interspersed with her earlier inability to express her love take the film towards its rather insipid climax.

The treacle-like story lacks verve and looks more like a badly made television serial.

Parvathy is the only saving grace thanks to her gallant effort to etch the sad character. Srikant as a bumpkin cuts no ice.

Listless music drags the film down further.

Cinematography by Muthiah is just a wee-bit above average adding some beauty to the village backdrop.
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Poo Movie News

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Poo Synopsis

Directeor Sasi, who has directed three hit films Sollamale, Rojakoottam, Dishyum, with his new movie `Poo` that tells the rural backdrop and keeping the rural traditions alive.

Poo – This movie is about the love of a young girl and an engineering student. who is passionately in love with her cousin (Maternal uncle’s son). In every love story, love plays the major role. However Poo takes that to another level, making the young girl’s love, life and her dreams the main aspects. It takes a daring chance by angling the film to show the viewers the “real” story about a girl in the village.

Srikanth playing the role of the Cousin and Parvathi (who has acted in hit Malayalam films) playing the young girl’s role.

The film shows the other side of love, which is sacrifice, in addition to the dreams of each one and whether everyone is able to realize their dreams. The film is based on a trend setting short story in Tamil, written a few years ago.

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Kreshna,Anandhi,Nithin Sathya.
Adida Melam
Nischala Krishnan,Abhinaya,Urvashi.

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