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Malai Malai

Malai Malai is a Tamil - movie directed by A. Venkatesh. Starring Arun Vijay,Vedhika,Prakash Raj,Prabhu Ganesan,Ganja Karuppu,Mayilsamy,Singamuthu.

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Malai Malai Review

`Malai Malai` an out-and-out Arun Vijay movie (IANS Film Review) Rating:** 1/2

Arun Vijay could not make it big despite giving good performances in most of his films. After searching for success for almost 12 years, he finally breaks the jinx with Malai Malai.

He has teamed up with director A. Venkatesh and come out with a racy and entertaining movie. The two have targeted B and C audiences without any pretensions to make a fine movie.

Venkatesh has proved in the past that he can churn out potboilers and Malai Malai adds to the list which lacks logic, but manages to create magic on screen as it has the right mix of action, comedy and romance.

Malai Malai dwells on love and admiration between brothers and how one single incident brings a sea change in their lives.

Two brothers Vettri Vel (Arun Vijay) and Palani Vel (Prabhu) live in the foothills of Palani and both of them enjoy a strong bonding.

Vettri`s life changes when Anjali (Vedika) comes to Palani as he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Vettri goes to Chennai in search of a job. Finally, he gets a job as a van driver in a courier company and he also gets friendly with Vimala Haasan (Santhanam).

Enter baddie Essakki (Prakash Raj) who creates problems for Vettri and how he overcomes all the hurdles and reunites with his girlfriend is the film all about.

Arun Vijay seems to have worked hard on his looks - he has lost weight to fit into the boy-next-door image. He also performed stunt sequences with elan.

Vedika is apt for the role, while Prakash Raj and Prabhu pep up the proceedings. The comedy of Kanja Karuppu, Santhanam and Aarthy brings the roof down with laughter. Mani Sharma`s music suits the storyline.

Venkatesh needs to be commended for making a movie that may have cliched and beaten-to-bush scenes, but the pace and manner in which it is presented makes it worth watching.

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Malai Malai Synopsis

For the first time, Feather Touch Entertainments is producing the high budgeted film titled Malai Malai.

A Venkatesh who directed films like Maha Prabhu, Chocolate, Bhagavathy, Dum, Kuthu, Aye and Vaathiyar is directing this film which has Arun Vijay in the lead. He has also written the story and screenplay. While speaking about this film, the director said, A man from village who has the strength of a mountain comes to city and clashes with another person who is equally strong. The shooting of the film commenced at Pazhani Murugan Temple. The shooting took place for 6 months at Dindigul, Pollachi, Palaghat, Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Sriperumbadhur, Chennai and Malaysia. The shooting of the film is over and post production work is going on. It is true that Arun Vijay talents have not been exposed so far, though he has acted in many films. But this film be a turning point in his career.

Accompanying Arun Vijay on the screens, Prabhu has made grand presence on the screen with the charecterization of a lively village man. Prakash Raj on the pars has spelled the best on his part. Not as clinched, Vedhika would be spotted right from the first frame till the climax portion with a meaty role to play. After a long sabbatical gap, Actress Kasthoori makes her comeback with a prominent role in this film. Adding more to the humour quotients, Santhanam- Ganja Karuppu- Aarthi and Lollu Manohar have come up with rib-tickling comedy tracks. Apart from them, Thambi Ramayya, Mayilsamy, Singamuthu, Pandu and Crane Manohar will strike with rich entertainments.

Apart from this stunning star casts, Vijaykumar, OAK Sundar and Kadhal Dhanapani would be featured in a prominent role.

Venkatesh cranks the camera with Mani Sharma scoring music and songs were tuned in Ceylon. Much fascinated with the scenic beauty, a song `Nee Hello` were supposed to be shot over there at the same locales. Bue due to horrifying wars, permission was not granted. Vaali has penned lyrics for all the songs. V.T Vijayan has handled editing and pattukottai Prabhakaran has penned dialogues. Mohana Mahendran is the art director with Dinesh, Shobi and `Kadhal` Kandhas choreographing for the songs.

Kanal Kannan has choreographed 6 different stunts for this film. Well, that sounds to be pretty well and Malai Malai is sure to be tremendous entertainer for this season.
The film`s audio was launched Last evening in Satyam Cinemas and producers have planned to launch the audio as well as release trailor in various cities of Tamil Nadu.

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