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Kanchivaram is a Tamil - movie directed by Priyadarshan. Starring Prakash Raj,Sriya Reddy,Sampath Raj,Vimal,Shammu,Vinodhini Vaidyanathan.

Kanchivaram Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Shailendra Singh.
STORY WRITER:Priyadarshan.
SCRIPT WRITER:Priyadarshan.

Kanchivaram Review

Narrating the life of silk weavers of 1940’s, the post independence era at a small village of Madras, the movie ‘Kanchivaram’ really touches the hearts of the viewers with its silky smooth but strong story.

The movie goes through the story of Vankadam, the best silk weaver of the Kanchivaram village. He as a child itself is always wished of giving a Silk Saree to his wife on their marriage but their poor living condition did not allow him to do so. But he promises in front of all the villagers, during his daughter’s first feeding day, that he will present a silk saree on her wedding day.

 But for the sake of his sister’s good married life, he has to give all the saved money to his brother in law. So he has to find a new way to keep his promise for daughter. His love for her makes him to steal strands of silk from his work place. He weaved a saree at the backyard of home hiding from the rest of the world even from his wife and he does this for a long 19 years.

 Mean while he indulge in communism and urge his fellow workers to fight against the injustice that is under taking for years. At the same time his daughter’s marriage will be fixed and his love for his daughter has made him to compromise on his communism ethics, which led to a dispute with his childhood friend Sarathy. There arises the question whether he could complete his promise to his daughter or not! 

This classical movie is surprisingly from Priyadarshan, who is known for his remake comedies. He has woven a beautiful story on the silver screen casting veteran actor Prakash Raja as the protagonist Venkadam. Shreyya Reddy surprises every one with her performance as an innocent householder. All other actors were apt for the characters and done brilliant job in acting. Technically also the movie is worth watching with its excellent editing by Arun Kumar and outstanding camera work by Tirru. The screenplay also is of high quality as it swings between the present life of Venkadam and the flash back. The known Malayalam play back singer MG Sreekumar has done a wonderful work by doing the music direction for this movie. The lullaby song is really sweet and has got the all the feelings for the child.

 Even though the movie tells about a father’s promise towards his daughter, it also narrates the miserable lives of weavers in Kanchivaram that is famous for silk sarees. The movie has shown how the powerful authority misuses the illiterate workers and their work of art. Though it is not a commercial type, the movie is for sure a worth watching one and congratulations to director Priyadarshan and his team for bringing out such a beautiful movie. 

Posted By :Meera.C.

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