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Arumugam is a Tamil - movie directed by Suresh Krishna. Starring Bharath,Priyamani,Ramya Krishnan,Saranya Mohan,Karunas,Ilavarasu,Adhitya,Sathya,Seetha,Kavithalaya Krishna,Maganadhi Shankar,Aniruth,Ramya Krishnan,Mayilsamy.

Arumugam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Suresh Krishna.
BANNER: Kool Productions
STORY WRITER:Suresh Krishna.




Kavithalaya Krishna

Maganadhi Shankar


Arumugam Review

`Aarumugham` is just a rehash of hit `Annamalai` (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: *1/2

Director Suresh Krissna seems to have rehashed his big hit Annamalai into Aarumugham, replacing Rajnikanth with Bharath and Sarathbabu with Sathya.

At a time when movies with innovative themes are the order of the day, Suresh Krishna has gone on a vintage rally to render his Annamalai in a new colour. It is the story of friendship and betrayal. The movie has the likes of Priyamani, veteran actress Ramya Krishnan among others in key roles. Deva, who scored the music for Annamalai, repeats the act here.

The story of Aarumugham follows Annamalai in almost every aspect. The movie is about two friends - Aarumugham (Bharath) and Karthik (Sathya). Aarumugham runs a roadside idli shop and owns a plot in the city where his mother`s (Seetha) grave is built.

Karthik is the brother of a rich businesswoman Malini Devi (Ramya Krishna). But they share a close bond despite their different positions in society.

Aarumugham is fond of his father`s friend`s daughter Yamini (Priyamani). But Malini Devi, who is against her brother being close to a poor youth, tries to separate them.

On one such occasion when his sister is sexually assaulted, Aarumugham slaps Malini and Karthik misunderstands him and take his sister`s side. And the friends get estranged.

Malini Devi and her brother try to demolish Aarumugham`s mother`s grave. Aarumugham now vows to become rich and settle scores with Malini Devi.

Bharath tries to match up with Rajnikanth by speaking punch dialogues, flexing his muscles and romancing Priyamani. But he ends up becoming a laughing stock by emulating Rajini.

Ramya Krishna repeats her Neelambari act. She manages to sustain some interest in the otherwise dud movie. Priyamani has nothing to do other than look pretty in glamorous clothes.

Saranya, Sathya and Ilavarasu have done a good job.

Aarumugham is cliched from the word go and is avoidable.

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