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Singam 2

Singam 2 is a Tamil - movie directed by Hari. Starring Suriya,Anushka Shetty,Hansika Motwani,Vivek,Santhanam,Nassar,Thalaivasal Vijay,Rajendran,Nizhalgal Ravi,Radha Ravi,Mansoor Ali Khan,Madhan Bob.

Singam 2 Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:K. E. Gnanavel Raja.
EDITOR:V. T. Vijayan.

Singam 2 Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 3/5)

Singam 2 Written and directed by Hari.

Sequel of a mass blockbuster film which have numerous remakes around the country. The trailer showed what exactly we have to prepare for.

Singam once again attacks bad guys, this time with more power. The basic plot is interesting but the inclusion of comedy track plus songs simply takes away all the credits. The highlight is, of course Surya. He is as usual at his best. His voice modulation is perfect, whether it is when he talks about love (Eg. He talks about Kavya (Anushka) to Divya (Hansika) or when uttering heavy mass dialogs (Eg. To higher officials). Surya tries his best to hold the movie from falling flat. Anushka is limited and wasted for songs alone. Hansika looks bubbly, sweet and is funny but the sad part is that she looks funny even while her character is sad. Rahman, Vijaykumar, Nasser, Vivek, Radha Ravi, and Mukesh Rishi are there with no much effect. Danny Sapani looks heavy but wasted in a poorly developed character. Santhanam tries to irritate viewers and succeeds in majority of scenes.

Action scenes are well executed and captured using two to three cameras but the color tone completely changes here and there were various camera shots are used (Especially the pre-climax action sequence).

Editing is excellent with an exception of two or three shots.

Watch out for

• Surya
• Dialogues
• Few mass scenes. Eg: First meeting of Dany and Singam.
• Action scenes are stylish and give great mass effect. Eg: Surya running towards villain with two heavy vehicles jumping in the background.
• Cinematography
• Editing – of action scenes.


• Music
• Comedy tracks. What was the need for Vivek and Santhanam!
• Lack of a well characterized villain.
• Over-dose of masala.
• Over-use of Singam`s super power in action scenes.
• Length.

Starts with Singam (1) scenes, continues from the point Singam (1) ends, moves slowly without any gripping scenes, it works high time towards the interval, the sequence just before the interval are worth watching one more time, starts the second half well, gets to fifth gear, and loses the control again towards the climax.

With the kind of release and expectation it has, Singam 2 will enjoy an extraordinary initial. Film marketing is visible in the dialogs and scenes as well. Note 1: Maattran, Ezham Arivu and now Singam 2, all films have a foreigner as villain. Note 2: It was interesting to see Surya roaring `Indian Police` instead of `Tamil Nadu Police`, the way it was used in the majority of cop films made in Tamil.

Overall, Singam 2 roars but not as loud as Singam 1. Watch it for Surya`s power packed performance.

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