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Kodaikanal is a Tamil - movie directed by K. Bose. Starring Thilak,Shekhar,Poorna,Senthil.

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`Kodaikanal`- a good beginning ends up half-done (IANS Film Review)

 Rating: * andhalf

Well begun is half done, goes the adage. But in this case, the good start is frittered away by subsequent bad treatment.

Set in picturesque Kodaikanal, the film of the same name revolves around Brinda (played by Poorna) who escapes to the sylvan surroundings after being tormented by her mother (Vadivukkarasi) and a haranguing evil maternal uncle (Kandeepan).

Brinda is found by two thieves with heart of gold Surya (Thilak) and Nanda (Shekhar) in an uninhabited part of the hill station. They try to help her through a comedy of errors, through a sealed house full of clothes that surprisingly fit them. It is followed by bumbling cops till the inevitable happens in a predictable climax.

The story and script are somewhat logically conceived, dated direction and sloppy editing lets "Kodaikanal" down badly despite spirited performances by Shekhar and Poorna.

While composer Deva seems to have done some original work for a change and cinematographer Ravinder has canned the lush-green visuals adequately. Bose`s uninspiring direction is the millstone that virtually sinks the movie.

A ruthless trimming of at least two songs, some of the needless stunts and virtually unending anticlimax could do the film a world of good.

Known by his voice that embellished many actors` roles before on the big and the small screen, including the Shah Rukh Khan edition of "Kaun Banega Crorepati" dubbed in Tamil, the conception of their roles prove to be the undoing of the efforts of Shekhar and Poorna.

The main protagonist Thilak with the meatier role worsens the proceedings with a listless performance.

Veteran funny man Senthil wastes everyone`s time in the name of comedy.
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