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Pattalam is a Tamil - movie directed by Rohan Krishna. Starring Nadia Moidu,Arun,Deepthi,Irfan,Balaji,Sathya Hari,Vikash,Guru,Vignesh.

Pattalam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Rohan Krishna.
BANNER: Chirupathy Brothers
PRODUCER:N. Lingusamy.
STORY WRITER:Sheeba Rohan.





Sathya Hari




Pattalam Review

`Pattaalam` is entertaining (IANS film review)   Rating: ** 1/2

Pattaalam features real schoolchildren as the main characters - something that had not been tried so far. And to their credit, all of them have acquitted themselves well and supported ably by the seasoned actress Nadiya playing the school principal `Daisy` to perfection.

The storyline is on expected lines though.

Daisy abhors corporal punishment and uses subtle counselling methods to help groups of adolescent students at loggerheads to turn a new leaf after one of them attempts to commit suicide.

Films centred on children rarely do well except in the exceptional cases like Aamir Khan`s Taare Zameen Par.

The commercial success quotient of the 2006 Malayalam release Notebook continues to be a controversy.

Pattaalam is somewhat weighed down by the avoidable long-winding sermons.

Else, Krishnaswamy`s visuals are excellent, the musical foil by Jassi is apt and Rohan`s endeavour to direct obviously mischievous children is commendable.

In all, it is a good outing during the ensuing school holidays.

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Pattalam Synopsis

Pattalam is a film about the most cherished treasures of an adolescent - friendship, camaraderie, vigour, and love. The film, which is a compassionate examination of the adolescent mindset, speaks about the life of nine youngsters who go through the inevitable emotions assocoated with juvenility - Love and Jealousy. But they can relax as they have a friendly confidante and a guide.

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