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Bodyguard ( Telugu )

Bodyguard ( Telugu ) is a Telugu Romantic Drama movie directed by Gopichand Malineni. Starring Venkatesh,Trisha Krishnan,Saloni Aswani.

Bodyguard ( Telugu ) Cast / Crew
GENRE:Romantic Drama
PRODUCER:Bellamkonda Suresh.

Saloni Aswani

Bodyguard ( Telugu ) Review

`Bodyguard` perfect family entertainer (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: ***

After being successfully made in Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and Tamil, here comes the Telugu version of hit film Bodyguard. 

The Telugu remake with Venkatesh and Thrisha has remained faithful to the Malayalam version as it does not focus on commercial elements as was the case with the Hindi remake. 

The highlight of Telugu version is that it has been directed by a local, talented youngster Gopi, while experienced writer Kona Venkat has penned the dialogues. 

There is a lot of native flavour in the way the film has been narrated, though the situations have remained unchanged. Thanks to the presence of several top artists in the cast, Bodyguard carries a lot of appeal.

Like previous versions, the last 30 minutes are the main attraction of the Telugu version as well. The film touches an emotional peak in scenes leading to the climax and the twist in the climax has a universal appeal.

Technically, however, it does not stand out.

In the film, Varadarajulu Naidu engages Venky to protect his daughter who has been targeted by his political rivals. Some years ago, Venky had saved Naidu from an attack. Venky escorts Naidu`s daughter Keerthi everyday to college. Sometimes Venky`s presence disturbs Keerthi and limits her activities. She wants to get rid of Venky and tries to call him as an anonymous caller. Venky is confused about this caller who always expresses her love for him. 

Eventually Keerthi herself falls in love with Venky. In a stunning and touching climax, Venky`s background is revealed.

Venkatesh has perfected the art of taking up such matured and emotional roles. Thrisha looks gorgeous and charms the audiences. Saloni plays an important role in the film, but she is not so impressive. 

Top actors Kota Sreenivasa Rao and Prakash Raj score in their respective roles. Ali and Venumadhav bring in a few laughs.

Bodyguard is a perfect family entertainer. The well-performed and neatly presented film is sure to appeal to women and family audiences.

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