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Mayakkam Enna

Mayakkam Enna is a Tamil - movie directed by Selvaraghavan. Starring Dhanush,Richa Gangopadhyay,Pooja Devariya.

Mayakkam Enna Cast / Crew
STORY WRITER:Selvaraghavan.

Mayakkam Enna Review

New age drama `Mayakkam Enna` engaging, entertaining (IANS Review)

Rating: *** 1/2

Mayakkam Enna, one of the most awaited films of the year, brings together the celebrity brothers - Selvaraghavan and Dhanush - after a long time. The duo brings a touching story of a young man`s dream on screen. 

The movie has all ingredients to attract youngsters - friendship, romance, betrayal, heartbreaks and passion to achieve. Selvah has stepped out of his comfort zone to touch upon new elements in life. With an astute performer like Dhanush by his side, Selva has hit the bull`s eye. 

Karthik (Dhanush) is a freelance photographer who lives life on his own terms and conditions. He is called genius among his group. He works hard and wants to leave a mark as a photographer. He has a special eye for capturing the elements of life and in its best possible moments. Though he does portfolio and weddings assignments, his passion is wildlife photography. 

Karthik spends his time with his close friend Sundar (Sundar) and their gang and they have a typical lifestyle that today`s youngsters enjoy. One fine day, Sundar comes with Yamini (Richa), his girlfriend. 

Unfortuantely, in their first meeting Karthik and Yamini have a bitter experience but they slowly develop some special bond. Though Karthik tries to stay away from the girl since he doesn`t want to break his friend`s heart, but sequence of events brings them closer. 

After some drama Karthik and Yamini get married but their married life starts on a disastrous note as Karthik is insulted and cheated by a renowned photographer. 

The man is shattered. The young couple is in turmoil. Yamini tries her best to bring back Karthik`s charm and enthusiasm, but he has gone to a stage which is termed as madness by others.

The rest of the movie deals with what happens to the couple`s life and Karthik`s dream.

Selvaraghavan has presented the story in a sensitive manner and has avoided cliches. The story develops at a natural pace without compromising much on the entertaining aspect. 

Selva has the guts to show a girl falling in love with her boyfriend`s friend. The romance between the lead pair comes as a surprise. but the developments after that are predictable though executed well. 

The way Richa`s character shapes up in the second half is appreciable. 

Though the movie tends to become slower in the second half, emotion packed climax compensates it. Though the climax is predictable, the way it has been executed could bring tears in eyes of the viewers. 

It`s Dhanush special. The actor, who surprised one and all winning national award for his performance as a rustic youth in Aadukalam, plays a contrasting role. As a freelance photographer, who is city-bred, he gives his best. His expressions and body language are the hallmark of the movie. 

Newcomer Richa fits the role well. She brings out right emotions. She has proved her worth as a powerful performer. 

Cinematographer Ramji and music composer G.V.Prakash should be complimented - they have done what they did in Ayirathil Oruvan - complimenting the theme with their work. GVP`s back ground score is marvellous. 

Selvaraghavan has succeeded in presenting a sensitive and engaging movie. Though the developments towards the climax look dramatic the impact of the climax compensates for it. 

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