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Mogudu is a Telugu - movie directed by Krishna Vamsi . Starring Gopichand,Taapsee Pannu,Shraddha Das,Rajendra Prasad,Roja,Ahuthi Prasad,Naresh,Harsha Vardhan,Krishnudu,.

Mogudu Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Nallamarapu Bujji.

Mogudu Review

`Mogudu` an average tale of emotional bonding (IANS Film Review) 

Rating: **1/2

The one time associate of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, Krishna Vamshi, has carved his own niche in the Telugu film industry with projects like Ninne Pelladutha, Muraari and Chandamama. While he had made equally disastrous movies, his creative instincts, love for fresh subjects and top-class technical work have made him a director to watch out for.

In his latest offering Mogudu the director has maintained his own style by focusing more on the glamorous and sentimental aspects than action sequences. For Telugu film industry`s action hero Gopichand, this is an entire different genre; not a staple diet for his fans.

Just like his previous films, the story of Mogudu deals with the strength of family values and how small issues can spoil the equilibrium of a happy and united family. The film offers a mixed bag of emotions topped with elements like humour, family sentiments, camera work and poignant performances, particularly from veteran actor Rajendra Prasad .

On hindsight, the film drags a bit in the second half and gets too predictable. On top of it, Tapsee, its lead actress has dubbed in her own voice which hampers the impact of many crucial sequences. The camera work too could have been a little more effective.

Bujji (Gopichand) hails from a joint family who are perfectly happy in their own world. But his father, Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) wants him to marry and bring happiness to the large family. But Bujji fears his wife can play a spoil sport and break this big happy family. 

In between all this, Bujji falls for the charms of Raja Rajeswari (Taapsee Pannu), who is the daughter of a strong woman politician. The two decide to marry, and the marriage takes place but before the newly-weds can go home, some issue arise and the marriage breaks down in a day.

A dejected Bujji moves to Mauritius to heal his wounds, but there he accidentally meets Rajeswari and also his old flame. Interestingly, his old flame is keen on marrying him, but Bujji rejects her proposal and moves towards his wife. Both of them decide to re-unite and the decision surprises their family and relatives. How both make attempts to convince their relatives, forms the climax.

Gopi Chand looks stylish in his designer wear. He is good in action sequences and shows his talent as a performer. But, it is Rajendra Prasad who steals the show with his stellar performance. Taapsee looks extremely glamorous, but her dubbing work is atrocious. Shraddha Das as the ex-flame will please the front rows with skin show and oomph factor.

The film is just an above average fare. It is a disappointment for the director`s ardent fans who expect much from his films. 

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