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Kalyan Ram Kathi

Kalyan Ram Kathi is a Telugu - movie directed by Mallikarjun. Starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram,Sana Khan,Saranya Mohan,Chandramohan,Brahmanandam,Raghu Babu,Ajay,Shaam.

Kalyan Ram Kathi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mallikarjun.
PRODUCER:Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

Kalyan Ram Kathi Review

`Kalyan Ram Kathi` is extremely violent (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: *1/2

Kathi, produced by actor Kalyan Ram under his NTR Arts banner, is nothing but an extremely violent film that has a beaten track story and an oft-repeated narration.

Kalyan Ram has tried to strengthen his action hero image through this film, which is full of gore and violence. Except a few well-composed songs, Kathi fails to impress.

The story of an extremely sentimental brother who goes to any extent to protect his sister has been seen in films like Mahesh Babu`s "Arjun" and NTR`s earlier film "Rocky" with director Krishna Vamshi. But Kalyan Ram tries to use this formula again.

With so much of gore and violence, the film fails to entice the female audience.

The film contains every ingredient that makes the Nandamuri family films special. Like other popular films of Balakrishna and NTR like "Samarasimha Reddy" and "Simhaadri", Kathi`s story has the faction feud backdrop.

You have the high thumping dialogues, a happy family song sequence and a separate track for comedy sequences.

But these things have been seen in so many films of Balakrishna and NTR that you don`t feel like seeing them all over again. With a thin-lined story and an unimpressive script written by director Mallikarjun, the film drags on forever and tests the patience of the audience.

Even the so-called sentimental sequences in the film fail to convince. The film`s narration is too artificial to be believed. Even the romantic sequences look unconvincing.

The story comes just in between a big number of stunt and song sequences. The film`s music is much better compared to the work done by other technicians of the film. The cinematography, editing and fight sequences look ordinary.

Ramakrishna (Kalyan Ram) is attached to his younger sister Haritha and wants to please her always. Haritha loves Chinababu, the son of a factionist Muththya. Ramakrishna wants to become a national level football player.

He is so helpful that he can pick up fights with anyone to get justice to his friends and well wishers. Suddenly, his sister disappears to disturb him.

Ramakrishna goes to Delhi to participate in the football trials, but is surprised to find Haritha at the railway station. How Ramakrishna solves this problem forms the rest of the story.

Kalyan Ram needs to improve in his acting capabilities as most of the time he overacts. Sana Khan does not have substantial scope for showcasing her talents, but just used to shake legs with the hero.

Sharanya Mohan, who plays the role of the sister, is also unimpressive as her characterisation is pathetic. Kota as usual electrifies the screen with his performance.
The comedy artistes like Dharmavarapu and Raghu Babu have done a better job.

Music director Manisharma comes out with two good numbers.

Overall, Kathi suffers because of a poor script and unimaginative direction by Mallikarjun.

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