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Sakkarakatti is a Tamil - movie directed by Kala Prabhu. Starring Shanthnu Bhagyaraj,Shibi,Ishita ,Vedhika,Nizhalgal Ravi.

Sakkarakatti Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kala Prabhu.
PRODUCER:Kalaipuli S. Dhanu.

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Sakkarakatti Review

Sakkarakkatti: Star kids make debut but don`t shine

 Rating: **

Launch vehicle for two star children, Sakkarakkatti is a movie without surprises.

Kala Prabhu, son of south Indian movie mogul S. Thanu, has created a huge extravaganza painted appropriately on the big-screen canvas with a flourish by cinematographer Andrew.

Despite a placid story, casual script and conspicuously absent zing in the tale`s tail, the movie entertains.

It is a boy-meets-girl-and-three-is-a-crowd love triangle between a city slicker Yuvraj (Shantanu, son of K. Bhagyaraj), Deepali (Ishita Sharma) and Reema (Vedhika) with an all is well that ends well kind of climax.

Obviously sure of Shantanu`s doubtful prowess in the departments of melodramatic close-ups and hysterical histrionics, Prabhu has cleverly avoided those.

Instead, he has supplanted them with college capers bound to trigger claps galore.

Rahman`s songs carry the film and are catchy.
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