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Ananda Tandavam

Ananda Tandavam is a Tamil - movie directed by Gandhi Krishna. Starring Siddarth,Tamanna Bhatia,Rukmini Vijayakumar,Charle,Madhan Bob.

Ananda Tandavam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Gandhi Krishna.
BANNER: Oscar Films
PRODUCER:Oscar V Ravichandran.

Ananda Tandavam Review

`Ananda Thaandavam`: Sheer waste of time (IANS  Film Review) 


The title Ananda Thaandavam means blissful dance. In the movie, there is neither bliss nor any worthwhile dance.

Worse, it seems like a film that hit the screen two and a half decades late.

Based on an 80s` novel Pirivom Sandippom (Parting, Meeting) by the late Tamil writer Sujatha (real name Rangarajan who wrote under his wife`s name) serialised in a Tamil periodical, the story would have formed the basis of some television soap with proper treatment.

Fiction serials in Tamil magazines had a suspense ending to keep its fans interested in the next week`s episode.

Movie grammar has evolved since the 80s and therefore, the offering has few takers.

A mild-mannered romantic youth Raghu (Sidharth) falls for a spoilt brat Madhu (Tamanna) who flits off to the El Dorado called USA in search of greener pastures with a richer guy Rishi in tow.

Raghu stalks his ex, manages to convince her again before bumping into another non-resident-Indian belle with strong Hindu cultural values played by Rukmini leading to a silly, contrived, insipid climax.

One does not understand as to why Tamanna has been featured as a mentally deranged character while it was not inbuilt into the original story.

To compound matters, she overacts. Sidharth is as expressive as a log of wood.

Prakash`s music drags the 160-minute film and Jeeva Shankar`s dreary filming increases the torture.

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