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Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai

Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai is a Tamil - movie directed by Thiru. Starring Vishal,Neetu Chandra,Tanushree Dutta,Sarah-Jane Dias,Prakash Raj,Santhanam,Mayilsamy,Sathyan,Jayaprakash,Arvind Krishna.

Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai Cast / Crew

Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai Review

`Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai` is immature (IANS Film Review)


Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai (TVP) is Vishal`s attempt at a new genre - that of a light entertainer - after his actions flicks failed to evince much interest.

TVP could have been a sure-fire entertainer but the director (newcomer Thiru) fails to exploit the plot to make it a smart movie. He has chosen a storyline laced with romance, glamour and fun but has failed to present it in a convincing and interesting manner.

Karthik (Vishal), a carefree youth belonging to an upper middle class family, likes having many choices in whatever he does or buys. And he wants to apply the same approach

to select his life partner. He wants to love three girls at a time and select the best after interacting with them and knowing them better...It does sound ridiculous.

Karthik identifies three girls, fools them, and finally wins their hearts. Tejaswini (Neetu Chandra), a millionaire, Jyothi (Tanushree Dutta), an athlete who hates guys, and Priya (Sarah Jane), a student who wants to avoid an arranged marriage are the girls that fall in Karthik`s love trap.

The director makes it look so easy that these young woman fall for the guy without any strong reason. The film moves on with the love escapades of the protagonist.

But he gets caught by Tejaswini. Agitated at being fooled, she wants revenge by exposing him and his plans.

Karthik outsmarts her in every move but finally he learns a lesson the hard way.

Director Thiru disappoints in the first half as he fails to make the proceedings look convincing. He takes everything for granted in his pursuit to give Vishal a new image and make an entertaining movie.

The way Vishal cons the three girls leaves much to be desired. The dialogues on the ways of women and their integrity in love are highly immature.

The narrative gets somewhat interesting after Vishal is exposed but the movie`s length in the second half mars the impact. The predictable climax and the silly twist that comes as anti-climax fail to make any impression.

Vishal manages to do justice to his role of a casanova. He emotes well in the funny scenes and also flexes his muscles in a couple of sequences. But many of his mannerisms resemble Vijay`s acting in certain films.

The comedy trio of Santhanam, Mayilsami and Sathyan provide laughter throughout. In fact, the first half would have been rather dull but for these three actors.

Neetu stuns with her good looks and impresses with her acting skills. In fact she outsmarts Vishal in many sequences. And she certainly sizzles in the songs.

Tanushree Dutta look cute and does try to act. Sarah looks a little fatigued. And veteran actor Prakash Raj has been wasted in this movie.

Yuvan Shankar Raja`s music passes muster with the title number standing out. Arvind Krishna`s cinematography is top class.

The unconvincing script and immature presentation have made the potential entertainer an ordinary fare.

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