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Tamil Padam

Tamil Padam is a Tamil - movie directed by C S Amudhan. Starring Siva,Disha Pandey,M S Baskar,Vennira Aadai Moorthy,Manobala,Sathish.

Tamil Padam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: C S Amudhan.
PRODUCER:Dayanidhi Alagiri.


M S Baskar

Vennira Aadai Moorthy

Tamil Padam Review

`Tamizh Padam`: Entertaining spoof on Tamil movies (Ians Film Review)  

Rating: **1/2

The film is the `first-ever` full-length spoof on Tamil movies. The promos of the film gave enough indication about the content. In fact, it was one of the most-awaited movie and enthusiastic movie-goers were eager to watch it.

How the film has fared?

To some extent, it has turned out to be good.

We have seen `Cho` S. Ramaswamy, S.Ve. Shekhar, Goundamani and Vivek making fun of the tried and tested typical `Tamil film formulae`. Even on television, many programme poke fun at the way Tamil films are made. "Tamizh Padam" is an extended versions of those TV programmes, to put it mildly.

Amudhan roped in a handful of talented actors like Shiva, Shisha, Murthy, Baskar and Muniyamma.

When a newborn baby utters actor Vijay`s `punch-dialogues`, the audience appreciates the idea behind it.

When a 10-year old asks his grandmother when would he be old enough to fight injustice, she tells him to get on the top of a cycle. As the wheels roll on, the the 10-year-old turns into grown up guy within seconds.

From the `entry song` of hero, his `punchy` dialogues, sequences and dialogues from "Thalapathi", "Apoorva Sagodharargal ", "Anniyan", "Kakka Kakka", "Sivaji", "Mozhi" and the inevitable climax fight sequence at the Binny Mill - nothing has been spared.

The appearance of 40 plus actors appearing as college students in Tamil films have been vividly ridiculed too in the movie.

Simbu, Vijaya T. Rajendhar and K. Bhagyaraj are not spared either.

The film moves at a brisk and interesting pace with sequences imitating the Nattaamai style, the `eternal` family song and the many unbelievable fight sequences.

The song "O Magaseeya" makes fun of the songs that has meaningless words in the name of catchy words.

Climax and the sequences preceding that are boring.

Working in the film was a cakewalk for Shiva whose character in the film ridicules almost every old and present hero in Tamil movies. Other actors too have done their respective roles nicely. Like a a typical (commercial) film, the heroine has noting to do.

Nirav Shah`s cinematography is very well indeed. If you want a hearty laugh, go for it!

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