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Aadhavan is a Tamil - movie directed by K. S. Ravikumar. Starring Suriya,Nayantara,Vadivelu,Riyaz Khan,Manobala,Anu Hasan,Udhayanidhi Stalin,(Guest),Rahul Dev,Ramesh Khanna.

Aadhavan Cast / Crew
BANNER: Red Giant Movies
PRODUCER:Udhayanidhi Stalin.
LYRICIST:Na. Muthukumar.
STORY WRITER:N.S.Rameshkhanna.

Aadhavan Review

Inconsistent script mars `Aadhavan` (IANS Film Review) 

Rating: ***

"Aadhavan" starring Suriya and Nayantara is a typical K.S. Ravikumar entertainer. It has action, comedy, sentiment, and romance. But the magic expected from the combination of a leading director and a successful star is clearly missing.

The story revolves around Aadhavan (Suriya), a contract killer. His father (Shiyaji Shinde) strikes a big deal with Abdul (Rahul Dev) and Aadhavan is assigned to kill a magistrate (Late actor Murali). But despite being a sharpshooter, Aadhavan misses his target and the magistrate survives.

Aadhavan then works out another plan to kill the magistrate in his house, where he is enjoying his holidays with family members. But he fails in his second attempt too.

Amidst his efforts to kill, Aadhavan meets an old lady (Saroja Devi appearing on screen after 12 years) and her beautiful granddaughter Thara (Nayantara). Vadivelu is the domestic worker in their home.

How is this family connected to the main plot of the movie? Could Aadhavan complete his mission? Why Aadhavan has adopted this deadly profession? Watch the movie to find the answers.

The movie starts off on a promising note and moves ahead with some thrilling moments and humour. But it gets stuck in the middle and the director loses the grip on the narrative.

Some of the flaws in the script are difficult to digest especially connecting points between various streams in the script are unconvincing. The unimaginative climax disappoints as well.

Showing Suriya in negative shade till the penultimate scene doesn`t auger well for the film. Songs are like speed breakers.

Suriya, however, portrays the typical commercial masala hero with ease. He is amazing in action sequences and delightful in comical roles as well. Nayantara sans glamour looks fresh, but some of the close up shots betrays her vanishing charm.

Yesteryears` heroine Saroja Devi is impressive. Vadivelu proves to be a major asset of the film as he brings cheers whenever he appears on screen.

Aadhavan scores in the technical department. Attempt to portray Suriya as a 10 year-old-boy is worth a mention.

R. Ganesh`s camerawork is impressive and the picturisation of songs such as "Yaeno Panithulli" and "Hasili Fisili" is spectacular.

"Aadhavan" could have been good entertainment, but is marred by inconsistent script

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