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Pokkisham is a Tamil - movie directed by Cheran. Starring Cheran,Padmapriya,Vijayakumar,Aryan Ramesh.

Pokkisham Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Nemichand Jhabak , V Hitesh Jhabak.


Aryan Ramesh

Pokkisham Review

Not much story or romance in `Pokkisham` (Tamil Film Review-Rating:**)

At a time when the technology has made inroads in our lives thanks to cellphones and internet, actor-director Cheran takes a nostalgic ride with Pokkisham - the film narrates the story of a couple who strengthened their bonding with love letters.

Pokkisham moves at a snail pace and is one of the drawbacks of the romance saga.

No doubt it is a daring attempt by Cheran in a time when masala movies dominate the box office. But the filmmaker, who had given movies like Porkalam and Vettri Kodi Kattu, doesn`t make a mark. The screenplay is dull and staggers from the beginning.

The film revolves around Mahesh (Aryan Rajesh) who stumbles upon his father Lenin`s (Cheran) love letters. His dad had passed away few years ago.

After that the director takes the audiences on a flashback to the 1970s -- it shows Lenin as a sailor in Kolkata. He meets Nadhira, a literature student from Nagore at a hospital where Lenin`s father (Vijay Kumar) was admitted. Lenin and Nadhira share a good rapport as both of them have interest in literature.

After that they communicate with each other through letters. They regularly write to each other and exchange their views on various things. Slowly their friendship turns into romance.

But religion come in their way -- Nadhira`s father plays a game to separate them and he succeeds. Nadhira disappears without informing Lenin.

After learning his father`s past, Mahesh embarks on a journey to find Nadhira so that he can hand her over those letters that his father had written after the forced separation.

Cheran has opted for a strong technical team -- Vairabalan`s art work is excellent as manages to recreate the busy Kolkata roads of 1970s. Cinematographer Rajesh Yadav skilfully captures varied regions of Nagore, Kolkata, Chennai and Malaysia.

There are too many songs but Sabesh Murali`s compositions fails to impress. Only one song - Nila...nee kadhal - stands out. Though the musical duo has done reasonably well in the climax, the overall background score is jarring.

The way Cheran explains love and agony through dialogues is more like a verbal attack on the audiences. Cheran has his limitations. He should have opted for a substantial story that could be made into an engrossing tale. Predictable script and slow pace mar the film.

As an actor too Cheran fails to impress. It is Padmapriya who steals the show with her expressive eyes and strong facial expressions. Vijay Kumar, Ilavarsu and Aryan Rajesh too play their part well.

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