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Azhagar Malai

Azhagar Malai is a Tamil - movie directed by S.P. Rajkumar . Starring RK,Muktha George,Napoleon,Lal,Manivannan,Vadivelu,Sona.

Azhagar Malai Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: S.P. Rajkumar.
PRODUCER:Sangili Murugan.




Azhagar Malai Review

`Azhagar Malai` right mix of comedy, action, romance (IANS Film Review; Rating:** 1/2 )

Humour seems to be the safe bet in Tamil cinema right now -- when most of the movies are biting the dust. Director S.P. Raajakumar, known for handling comic themes like in En Purushan Kuzhandhai Madhiri, has come out with a time-tested formula film that has Vadivelu going all out, giving good company to RK.

In `Azhagar Malai`, Pughazhendi (RK) is ridiculed by everyone in the village for being a habitual drinker. In the company of his uncle Kathathamuthu (Vadivelu), he does nothing but booze. On the other hand, Pughazh`s elder brother Pandithurai (Napolean) is worshipped by many in the village for his good nature.

Pandithurai`s attempts to get his brother married off end in vain as no one is ready to give their daughter to him. In the meantime, Rathnavelu (Lal) and his men, who are against Pandithurai and his family, try their best to shatter all happiness in Pandithurari`s house.

Meanwhile, Pughazh comes across Janani (Bhanu), who comes to the village from Chennai for a temple festival... and love blossoms between them. After convincing their parents, they get ready for marriage. But Rathnavelu and his family are determined to scuttle the celebrations.

A flashback reveals the enmity between the two families. Towards the climax, the light entertainer turns gory as Pughazhendi decides to take the warpath and teach a lesson to Rathnavelu.

Raajakumar is clear and sound in executing the project. He has cleverly loaded the movie with comedy, action and sentiments in the right mix. While the first half is a laughathon, he has given priority to action in the second half.

Ilayaraja`s songs remind one of a batsman in prime form knocking runs at will at the middle of the crease. The number Karukamani is the best pick of the songs.

RK looks comfortable on screen compared to his previous ventures. Though his colourful costumes and dancing look funny, he impresses in action and comedy sequences. Romance doesn`t seem to be his cup of tea.

Bhanu of Thamirabharani fame fits the bill well, though she appears to have too much of make-up on. Napolean, as always, renders a solid performance while Lal is competent in a typecast role.

Azhagar Malai passes muster with its comedy and pacy narration, though it does have many logical lapses.

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