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Vannathupoochi is a Tamil - movie directed by Azhagappan C . Starring Saya Devi,Bala Singh,Revathi Menon,Aadukalam Naren .

Vannathupoochi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Azhagappan C.
PRODUCER:Azhagappan C.

Saya Devi

Bala Singh

Revathi Menon

Vannathupoochi Review

`Vannathupoochi` noble concept gone awry (IANS Film Review-Rating:**)

Give love and affection to your children. Spend some valuable time with them. Director Rasi Azhagappan, the one time assistant of Kamal Hassan, tries to drive home these messages with his movie "Vannathupoochi".

The film revolves around an eight-year-old girl fighting a legal battle to stay with her grandfather who showers love and affection on her while her parents, who provide all material comfort to her, fail to spend time with her.

What the movie finally says is that a child has every right to make a choice if he or she feels that parents are not giving enough attention to him or her. Rasi Azhhagappan can be appreciated for taking a theme that is far from commercial cliches, but at the same time he fails to handle it with maturity.

The couple Arun (Siddharth) and Chitra (Madhavi Sharma) work with an IT firm and they are so busy that they have no time for their child Divya Bharathi (Sri Lakshmi). They send her to a posh school and give her everything that money can buy, but are never there for her.

During her holidays Divya goes to her father`s village to spend time with her grandfather Chinnasamy (Bala Singh). She is moved by the love and affection that is showered on her by her grandfather and the whole village.

When Arun comes to fetch her, he gets the shock of his life as Divya not only refuses to come with him, she also files a case alleging that she is neglected by her parents and she would prefer to stay with her grandfather.

It`s a debatable issue in today`s time when young parents are more concerned about their children and not only ensure that they get good education, but also spends quality time with them, help them with their homework and also throw lavish birthday parties.

One wonders why Azhagappan portrays Siddharth and Madhavi Sharma as a greedy couple who only care for money and have no time for emotions in the film. The director should have done more homework on working couples before finalising the script.

The director has not only failed to show the real picture of working couples and their relationship with their children, most of the scenes are handled in an amateurish manner. As a result it looks like a half-baked attempt and fails to do justice to the sensitive issue.

The director also tries to prove that village is an ideal place for children, which is far from the reality. While the scenes involving the children moving around in the village look credible and pleasant, the portrayal of a `pleasant` village resembles the movies of eighties.

Newcomers Siddarth and Madhavi Sharma fail to portray the travails of upper middle class parents. Bala Singh impresses. But it is Sri Lakshmi who walks away with all honours. The young girl has done exceedingly well and her spontaneity on screen is a treat to watch.

Revathi makes a brief appearance as a judge.

P.S. Dharan`s cinematography is highlight of "Vannathupoochi" and debutant music director Rehaan has provided some enjoyable tunes and the song "Grama Vazhkaikullae" stands out.

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