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Paulettante Veedu

Paulettante Veedu is a Malayalam Family Drama movie directed by Dileep Narayanan. . Starring Saikumar,Sudheer Karamana,Kalasala Babu,K. P. A. C. Lalitha,Seema G. Nair,Amal Unnithan,Manasa, Tony, Ramu, Nandakishore,,Lishoy,Munshi Venu,Nandana,Meenakshi,Manasa Radhakrishnan.

Paulettante Veedu Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Dileep Narayanan..
BANNER: Sreerama Creations
GENRE:Family Drama
PRODUCER:Sukumaran Valiyara.

Paulettante Veedu Synopsis

Paulettan is all in all in Thrissur. He is a big businessman who has Midas touch. He is also a very hardworking person. But Pauletten is not a native of Thrissur. At a very young age, he reaches Thrissur with his mother. He gains everything through his hard work. He faced many hardships right from his childhood and finally becomes one of the richest businessmen in Thrissur. His experiences turn him a miser and he leads a simple life without spending his money lavishly. This miserly attitude of Pauletten has its reverberations primarily on his family members - his mother Thressiamma, wife Rosamma, and their two daughters - Sara and Sneha. Sara falls in love with Amal, the son of a Gulf Malayali. Amal leads a lavish life and Sara's love is a revolt against her father's thrifty behavior. The resulting incidents in the life of Paulettan and his family are plotted in 'Paulettante Veedu' written and directed by debutant Dileep Narayanan. 'Paulettante Veedu' is produced by Sukumaran Valiyara under the banner of Sreerama Creations. Politician and film actor Rajmohan Unnithan's son Amal Unnithan and new face Manasa play Amal and Sara. Sudheer Karamana, Niyaz Becker, Kalasala Babu, Tony, Ramu, Nandakishore, Leshoy, Munshi Venu, Nandana, K P A C Lalitha, Seema G Nair, Kulappulli Leela, and Santhakumari also include the cast

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Paulettante Veedu trailer

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