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Halal Love Story

Halal Love Story is a Malayalam Comedy Drama movie directed by Zakariya Mohammed . Starring Indrajith, Jojo Geeorge, Grace Antonry, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Soubin Shahir, Sharaf U Dheen .

Halal Love Story Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Zakariya Mohammed.
BANNER: Amazon Prime Video
GENRE:Comedy Drama
PRODUCER:Aashiq Abu, Jesna Ashim, Harshad Ali.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Shahabaz Aman,,, Neha Nair.
STORY WRITER:Zakariya Mohammed, Ashif Kakkodi.
SCRIPT WRITER:Muhsin Parari, Zakariya.
EDITOR:Saiju Sreedharan.

Jojo Geeorge

Grace Antonry

Parvathy Thiruvothu

Sharaf U Dheen

Halal Love Story Review

Rahim (Nazar Karutheny), and the school teacher Taufeeq (Sharaf U. Dheen). The duo approaches an assistant director named Siraj (Joju George), though Taufeeq decides to write the film to ensure the end product stays ‘halal'. For the sake of chemistry and to maintain sanctity of relationships, Siraj and Taufeeq decide to cast a real-life couple, Shereef (Indrajith Sukumaran) and Suhra (Grace Anthony), as their film's lead pair.

Halal Love Story is a satire, but only just. The film does not dig deep while commenting on either Islam or cinema, the two props that uphold the plot -- or the conversation on marital gender politics it interestingly raises, only to forsake. The initial portions of the story are laced with subtle humour on expected lines, as Siraj and crew struggle to can the perfect shot with a bunch of bumbling artistes.

The ‘film within a film' plot finds parallel subtexts in the individual stories of a few among its cast and crew. These stories are used to depict how similar as well as different life and art can be. But rather than talk of too many characters, the narrative focusses on the married life of Shereef and Suhra primarily, and how working in the film disrupts their emotional equation. For the first time, Suhra sees many reasons why their marriage, perceived all along by both as a perfectly happy one, is not necessarily so. Zakariya also gives Siraj a story unto himself, as the director struggles to find an escape in his work, from his personal pangs. These sub plots are finely woven into the narrative, and never unduly stand out.

The film is simplistic in its storytelling, technical execution as well as the comments it leaves. Early in the film, two characters discuss good cinema that can reach out to children and one of them suggests Iranian films, particularly Children Of Heaven. You spot a lot of the Iranian idiom in Zakariya's cinematic style -- in the way he conveys deep emotions effectively, without losing grip of a feel-good storytelling style.

Halal Love Story elicits effective performances from actors who have been perfectly cast. The film might be a tad predictable, but it makes up for the fact with storytelling that holds your attention all along.

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Halal Love Story Movie News

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Halal Love Story Synopsis

"Halal Love Story" stars Indrajith Sukumaran, Jojo Geeorge, Grace Antonry, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Soubin Shahir and Sharaf U Dheen in pivotal roles. The film released digitslly on the October 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Halal Love Story Trailer -

Halal Love Story trailer

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