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`Indiravizha` - lots of skin, no depth (Rating: *1/2)

A woman driven by ambition goes on to seduce her ex-lover in the backdrop of workplace politics - that is the crux of Indiravizha. Heavily inspired by Bollywood hit Aitraaz, the movie has a bold theme amidst Tamil film stereotypes. But that alone doesn`t come to the rescue of the flick directed by Rajeshwar. It looks amateurish and lacks conviction and depth.

What begins as a normal candy floss love story takes a turn after the entry of Namitha (Kamini). Keen to make quick money, she is ready to go to any extreme. Unlike the Hindi version, which wasn`t that provocative, the Tamil movie relies heavily on namitha`s skin show.

The film revolves around Santhosh Sreenivasan (Srikanth), who is content head for a television channel. His choice of programmes helps the channel sustain its ratings. Then enters Kamini, wife of the channel`s owner John Kumaramangalam (Nasser), who is nearly two decades older.

She is entrusted with the task of running the channel. When Santosh meets her, he gets the shock of his life for she is his ex-lover who had ditched him for greener pastures. She makes all attempts to bed Santosh. Meanwhile, coming to know of the past, Kumaramangalam sacks Santosh.

The latter challenges his dismissal in court alleging sexual harassment. Does he win or not? That`s the climax.

Namitha deserves credit for playing a negative character and oozing glamour. Srikanth underplays his character while newcomer Hemamalini, who plays Srikanth`s wife, deserves credit.

Nasser plays a role that is typical of his earlier movies. Vivek, as Srikanth`s friend, tries to evoke humour, but in vain. Surprisingly, item girl Rahasya has got a role to play apart from dancing to two songs. And she does manage to impress with her performance.

Director Rajeshwar has made an effort to portray human emotions, but he seems to have concentrated more on the steamy scenes and the glamour quotient rather than a convincing narrative. As a result, the movie lacks logic, pace and interest.

Indiravizha may be remembered only for its gutsy theme, not the way it has been handled.

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