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Machcha is a Kannada - movie directed by Datthu. Starring Jeevan,Saritha Jain,Ambarish,Puneet Rajkumar.

Machcha Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Sunil Parekh.


Saritha Jain


Machcha Review

Director Daththu`s `Machcha` disappoints (IANS Film Review)

Ratings: *

"Machcha" is one more film that revolves around the underworld. The title of the film relates to a well-qualified young man who becomes an underworld hireling and gets involved with the cruel, illegitimate world of gangsters.

Director Daththu, who has also written the script, has taken ideas from many popular non-Kannada films like "Chitthiram Pesuthadi", "Thalai Nagaram" and "Pokiri". Despite borrowing from other films, Daththu couldn`t manage to deliver because of his own incompetence in extracting the best out of the actors.

He has failed in the selection of lead artists as both Jeevan and Saritha Jain are misfits for the roles. And veteran artists have not been properly used either. Another minus point of the film is the dialogues that lack punch and fail to make an impact.

The film fails technically too. Surprisingly music director Arjun, who had shown some promise in recently released films like "Slum Bala" and "Patre Loves Padma", fails to compose even one good number.

The story revolves around young Mahesh Chandra alias Machcha, who aspires to be a police officer, but fails in his mission. A senior police officer cheats him by swindling his money. Not only that he makes an indecent proposal for Machcha`s sister. An infuriated Machcha walks out after beating the police officer.

He comes to Bangalore in search of a job, but circumstances forces him to join dreaded don J.K. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Aishwariya who wants him to keep away from the gang. After many twists in the tale, Machcha finishes the gangsters after him and in the process loses his mother.

Newcomer Jeevan has a good physique to excel in an action oriented role, but surprisingly he looks too drab on screen. And his expressionless face is a big handicap. Same can be said about the new heroine Saritha Jain. Even in the song sequences she looks listless.

Rajan P. Dev, Sathya Prakash, Anand P. Raj and many stunt artists are too loud and crude. Veteran artists like Ramesh Bhat and Dharma are wasted in the film.

Despite being an action oriented film, "Machcha" doesn`t boast of a single fight sequence that could be appreciated.

"Machcha" is downright silly and ignorable.

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