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Aasal is a Tamil - movie directed by Saran. Starring Ajith,Sameera Reddy,Prabhu Ganesan,Bhavana,Suresh,Sampath Raj.

Aasal Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Ramkumar Ganesan,Prabhu Ganesan.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Prashanth Misale.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Bharathwaj,Y-Kinz.
STORY WRITER:Saran,Yugi Sethu.

Aasal Review

No story in `Asal`, only for Ajit`s fans (IANS Film Review- Rating: ** )

It`s very difficult to find a story in Ajit`s latest offering "Asal". The film is full of sequences like abduction, hero finding his way into the villain`s den, brother turning into a villain, competition between heroines to marry hero, Yugi Sethu trying hard to tickle funny bones of the audiences, etc. But one fails to understand what Saran, known as a good scriptwriter, is trying to narrate through the film.

The truth is that the film has nothing to offer in terms of story. Saran usually weaves his screenplay around a strong storyline, but falters this time. His Midas Touch is sadly missing from the narrative.

Whatever story one could decipher at the end of the movie is this:

Sampath, Vicky and Ajit are brothers (Ajit is step brother). Vicky is kidnapped by a Mumbai-based group led by Shetty (Kelly Dorji) and Sampath finds himself in a helpless situation.

Ajit, who stays in France, swings into action and returns to Mumbai along with his girlfriend Sara (Sameera) in the guise of a musician. He meets Sulabha (Bhavana), who makes arrangements for Ajit`s stay in Mumbai. Sulabha, as could be expected, falls for the handsome man.

Ajit completes the mission successfully but he finds new rivals in Sampath and Vikky who try to get rid of him. The reason behind the hatred is their father`s assets. According to the will, the huge assets would go to Ajit. Sampath and Vikky cook a nasty plan to grab the assets. Watch the film to find out how Ajit counters them.

Saran had almost lost his Midas Touch in his last film "Modhi Vilaiyadu" and has gone worse with the film. Sadly, none of the sequences make for compelling viewing. The romantic sequences are best ignored while the action scenes are predictable.

The twist at the interval comes as a surprise, but the script fails to maintain the momentum in the second half. The only scene which is impressive is Bhavana and Sameera`s conversation, which has some subtlety and sharpness.

Ajit looks stylish but one fails to understand why he wears a deadpan expression throughout the film. His ever-so-serious facial expressions don`t help the film. It seems that the "Billa" hangover still refuses to leave Ajit.

Sameera looks hot and acts with ease. Bhavana looks cute and handles her role with charm. Prabhu appears in an almost negligible role unlike yesteryear`s hero Suresh, who plays a French cop.

Music director Bharadwaj, who never disappoints, grossly fails as none of the songs is worth mentioning.

Cinematographer Prashanth D. Mishalae has done an excellent job.

The usual glitter one would associate with Saran`s films is very much here. He has made the film exclusively for Ajit`s fans and they won`t complain. We too must be grateful to Saran for completing the movie in just a couple of hours` time.

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