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Goutam is a Kannada - movie directed by K Rajeev Prashad. Starring Prem,Sara,Ananth Nag,Sudharani,Vinaya Prasad,Ramesh Bhatt,and Kokila Mohan.

Goutam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: K Rajeev Prashad.
PRODUCER:Malini Subrahmaniam.



Ananth Nag


Ramesh Bhatt

and Kokila Mohan

Goutam Review

`Gauththam` a good family entertainer (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: **1/2

Young actor Prem Kumar had earlier announced that he would never act in a remake. But as some of his films fizzled out, even he is now seen in "Gauththam", inspired by Suresh Krissna`s 1997 Tamil and Telugu film "Aahaa".

He attributed the change of mind to suggestions from his fans. "Aahaa" had the age-old predictable story line and a pedestrian narration, but it was appreciated for its emotional content and the way it was handled.

Thankfully director Rajeev Prasad has presented "Gauththam", the Kannada version of "Aahaa", with some added glitter. Though the story line and the narration remain faithful to the original, Prasad has adopted some contemporary trends.

The foot-tapping songs of Guru Kiran have been picturised with a lot of glamour and it is complete with modern-day graphics and special effects.

But despite its age-old story line, "Gauththam" does have some high points. The emotional sequences have been handled very well in the second half and the performances of many actors look authentic and intense.

Even composer Guru Kiran has created some very good songs like "Yaara Magalu Ivalu", "Kaabul Drakshiye" and "Ammo Amo".

But the film`s weak link is the way it drags in the second half. Even the first half has many sequences where the pace could have been a little crisper. The film gets racier only towards the end. And Prasad has not been able to extract a good performance from the movie`s heroine.

The story revolves around Parashuramaiah, a rich business magnate who is the head of a happy family. Gauththam is the second son who is constantly ignored by his father, but is the darling of the others.

The first son Raghu is happily married and is a huge support to his father. Gauththam loves Janaki, the daughter of Ramarao, a cook addicted to gambling. But Parashuramaiah humiliates Ramarao when he comes up with a marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, Raghu lands in trouble and as a younger brother Gauththam tries to solve it, though in the bargain he gets a bad name. Gauththam emerges a winner despite the trying circumstances.

Prem Kumar has done a neat job in the title role. He has put in efforts to look convincing in the emotional sequences, but actress Saara is found wanting in the acting department.

Veteran artists Kokila Mohan and Kausalya, who have come back to the Kannada film industry after a long gap, are good. Anant Nag, Sudharani, Ramesh Bhat, Vinaya Prasad have also played their parts well.

Despite its dragging moments and predictable story line, "Gauththam" can be enjoyed as a good family entertainer.

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