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Fugly is a Bollywood Social thriller movie directed by Kabir Sadanand,. Starring Mohit Marwah,Kiara Advani,Vijender Singh,Arfi Lamba,Jimmy Shergill,Jwala Gutta,.

Fugly Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kabir Sadanand,.
BANNER: Grazing Goat Pictures
GENRE:Social thriller
PRODUCER:Akshay Kumar, Ashvini Yardi.
EDITOR:Shounok Ghosh.

Mohit Marwah

Vijender Singh

Arfi Lamba

Fugly Review

'Fugly' - at last, a film with social conscience (Movie Review by Subhash K. Jha, Rating: ****)

Let's first get the picture right. Contrary to what the trailers and promotional images suggest, "Fugly" is not a 'Fukrey'-friendly flick about four friends having a ball in life. This film means business.

Light on top and substantial underneath, this is the "Rang De Basanti" of the post-Narendra Modi era. Thoughtful and at times brilliant, it tells us a great deal about the state of a culture and people searching for reasons to keep the spirit of nationalism alive as self-serving corruption grows all around.

"Fugly" is the cinema of social awakening. It tackles issues such as gay prostitution, khaki-clad fascism and the excess of television journalism, perhaps cramming in too many social issues in order to make the subject relevant and resonant. And yet nowhere does the director seem to bite into more than he can chew.

In one of the many striking sequences that coil themselves around the four young lives with impetuous intensity, we see random images of people on the city streets misbehaving mostly with women.

Milind Joga's camera seems to move concernedly through the streets of Delhi and Gurgaon in search of answers for the moral bankruptcy around us.

This then, is the portrait of a nation grappling with damnation as seen through the eyes of four impetuous youngsters. The actors get it right from the word go. Right away, let's applaud the director for giving us four bright newcomers, two of whom are natural born stars.

I came away with many memorable scenes in the film. One in particular where Devi's (Kiara Advani) three male friends try to wash the abusive word 'bitch' off her residential door was deeply moving.

Sadanand accompanies the quartet of protagonists' journey with wallops of whimsy and irony. He could have avoided making light of the situation when there is no room for levity in the narration.

The film frequently suffers from mood swings.

One minute we see the protagonists trapped in an eerie cat-and-mouse game with the diabolic cop Chautala (Jimmy Sheirgill, suitably sinister and characteristically outstanding). The next minute we see Vijender Singh's character of a pampered and arrogant son of a Haryanvi politician doing a comic cat-and-mouse skit with income-tax officers, who have come to raid his father's premises.

Erratic and over emphatic at times, what works for the narrative is its supremely active heart and soul. The large chunk of the film when Devi gets sexually humiliated by the neighbourhood grocer and her friends' outrage leading to unforeseen tragedy, is exceptionally even in tone and sure handed in execution.

But then, various debauched politicians and corrupt elements show up to mess up our protagonists' lives. And with them comes irrelevant diversions like an item number performed by Sana Saeed.

Everyone including the bit actor Rajveer Ahuja, who plays Jimmy's subordinate, and Praveen Singh Sisodia as the lecherous grocer, is effective and potent. So is the film, if you ask me.

Sadanand keeps the proceedings believable and aesthetic.

The ending will shock and move audiences.

Two of the actors Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani are star material. Their on screen relationship remains undefined, unpunctuated by the mandatory item song.

This film possesses a very rare virtue. A conscience.

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Fugly Movie News

'Raag Desh' gets people's patriotic side alive: Mohit

Actor Mohit Marwah, who will be next seen in director Tigmanshu Dhulia's "Raag desh -- Birth of a Nation", says the film gets people's patriotic side alive.Read More

Fugly Synopsis

India is a young country, where the youth are increasingly becoming independent and taking charge of their own lives. Tapping into this bristling energy, we bring to you ‘Fugly’.

A fast paced Masala Thriller with a social message, it set in the bylanes of Delhi. Miss a beat narrative, that would drive you to the edge of your seat in true blue Dilli ke rang! As they would say in DELHI “Purra Da Purra Pomp and Show Kakke”. Pulsating music, that is young, experimental and yet completely commercial…Guaranteed to knock the knickers off anyone. It’s whacky! It’s Kitsch and it puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life…the game is FUGLY!

Fugly is a story of 4 friends – Dev, Gaurav, Aditya & Devi. The cast is young & fresh. They are at the cusp of their lives… The college has just about finished, but career path is yet to be set. These are the last few days of true freedom that we have all gone through, and still cherish.

These friends are conscientious, they will have fun but would never cross the boundaries… They all have dreams and expectations from life, but as they say... man proposes, god disposes! Their fun filled and care free life comes to an abrupt halt, when they are faced with an extremely corrupt and seemingly fearless Police Officer. This puts a series of events in motion which will test their friendship and characters… their life becomes ‘Fugly’.

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