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Rock Paper Dice Enter

Rock Paper Dice Enter is a Hollywood Thriller movie directed by Shreela Chakrabartty. Starring Kash Gauni,Richard Lee,Alyson Dicey,Ojas Joshi,Maire Muncaster.

Rock Paper Dice Enter Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Shreela Chakrabartty.

Kash Gauni

Richard Lee

Alyson Dicey

Ojas Joshi

Maire Muncaster

Rock Paper Dice Enter Review

`Rock Paper Dice Enter`- Intriguing and symbolic (IANS Movie Review)
Rating: **

Voices need to be heard! And `Rock Paper Dice Enter` is one such voice that you can't ignore. With an intriguing title, its message may not be loud and clear but it definitely succeeds in creating a ripple for the film and its makers.

Released under the PVR Directors Rare banner, this psychological drama is very theatrical in nature. The narration has a twofold layer; the obvious- an intercepted heist and the other - the understated teachings of Buddha, in a very non-aggressive manner.

It is set in the fictitious city of Strathaven, a hub for cyber security and prosperity in North America. On a rain soaked late night in an upper middle class area, Roman (Kash Gauni) alerts Mike Goodfellaas, the chief of City Intelligence that there is a security breach in the system.

While the conversation leads to, "What is power?" And Roman replies, "Access to knowledge is power." He then says that he will call in thirty minutes regarding his subsequent course of action.

Shaken, the chief assembles the Phantom6 Security team that includes the city mayor, the fire chief and the chief medical officer. Together they anticipate Roman's calls.

Intrigued, they ask him, "Who are you?"

"I am the devil you never expected." Roman replies.

And while the security team tries to trace Roman through a series of phone calls to determine the scope of his threat, they hope "he will make a mistake and get trapped in his own game."

During their conversation along with a series of flash back scenes, it is revealed how Roman along with his friends, Lee and Katherine intercepts a diamond heist in a firm owned by Mr. Jai Patel.

The script is technically well chiselled with the tale put forth like a jigsaw puzzle; the film contains elements of suspense. Using principles of power, chance, information, leverage and randomness, this thriller informs that every human being is accountable for his or her actions. And in the "process of looking out for the chosen one, they choose a path of their own.

This definitely is actor Kash Gauni's journey. He portrays Roman with all sincerity and is competently supported by the entire cast, but unfortunately the script does not back him to stand out like a hero on a mission.

The story, written by him, takes the middle path which is metaphysical- What is ultimately there? What is it like? It shows in the script.

Loaded with quotes of the Dalai Lama, Art of living and a nuclear scientist, the conversations are moralistic, verbose and heavy with expositions. Also dialogues like, "It's not politics, it is more divination." And "You surprise me bro, I am unable to control my emotions". are oft repeated.

On the directorial level, Shreela Chakrabartty seems skilled. She has ably assembled the entire team. The camera work, the background score as well as the edits are commendable for a maiden film. The only aberration in the perfectly crafted film is the heist scene where the actors seem to be in a state of casualness which seems amateurish and staged.

Over all, the film holds your attention. 

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