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Crocodile Love Story

Crocodile Love Story is a Malayalam - movie directed by Anoop Ramesh. Starring Praveen Prem,Avanthika Mohan,Manikuttan,Ashokan.

Crocodile Love Story Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Anoop Ramesh.
BANNER: Anurag Motion Pictures
PRODUCER:Anurag Motion Pictures.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Praveen Panicker.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Arun Sidharrth.
STORY WRITER:Sabari Sankar.
EDITOR:K. Sreenivas.

Praveen Prem

Avanthika Mohan

Crocodile Love Story Synopsis

Kiran (Praveen Prem), son of retired Government staff Parameswaran (R. K. Thayyil) is working in a hardware firm after completing his course, with no responsibilities and aims in his life. Nithya (Avanthika Mohan), only daughter of bank manager Narayanan Namboothiri (Ashokan) and Gayathri (Maya Viswanath) is working in a private IT firm after completing her M.Tech. These two childhood friends meet each other and eventually fall in love. But the parents of both their families are against the love between them, being very conventional. Then a crocodile enters between them, and thus crocodile love story begins. The interesting incidents and unexpected twists happening after crocodile's entry forms the rest of the story.

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Crocodile Love Story trailer

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