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Romance is a Telugu - movie directed by Darling Swamy. Starring Prince,Adonica,Manasa,Dimple Chopade.

Romance Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Darling Swamy.



Romance Review

`Romance` - cheap version of love
Rating: *****

If you strip down love to its cheapest form, you get this low-budget flick that starts off as a light-hearted entertainer, but eventually turns bitter due to constant use of cuss words and double meaning undertones. Attaching a genre tag to this film isn't going to make much of a difference as its intention is to woo young audiences with the cheapest form of entertainment.

"Romance" comes from the factory of filmmaker Maruti, who kicked off a trend with low-budget flicks such as "Ee Rojullo" and "Bus Stop", made strictly for the college-goers. His films mostly revolve around college love story, sex, betrayal and some cheap humour.

The film narrates the story of a youngster called Krishna, played by Prince, who is in search of a perfect girl, a virgin. This search leads him to Lalitha (Manasa) and Anuradha (Dimple). He tests Lalitha for sick, sadistic personal pleasure and moves on to Anuradha; however, this time there is a twist in the tale.

What happens between Anuradha and Krishna forms the crux of the story. And it's not extremely difficult to see what's coming, but still one has sit through till the end of the film to reach a torturous climax.

Never do you understand whether "Romance" is a film about love or relationships or casual flings. All that it manages to succeed in portraying is that women can be easily manipulated and used like a napkin whenever a man pleases to.

Director Swami has no story to narrate. His amateurish attempt to rekindle love in the name of sex, deceit and breakups makes one squirm in one's seat. If this is his idea of a campus love story, then I pity the audiences for even making the effort to watch the film at the first place.

Prince and Dimple are decent in their performance, but they're let down by a soulless story that reeks of a hackneyed approach. It is films like these that make promising actors like them look like those ready to star in a cheap film to earn some recognition.

It's a B-grade candyfloss story which struggles to evoke interest even for a minute. There is some aspect of suspense maintained for few minutes, but it's broken even before you realise that you have started to enjoy that element of anticipation.

The director serves most scenes with some amount of titillation, but the screenplay is a badly-cooked hotchpotch. The scenes are reminiscent of films such as "3G Love" and "Saradaga Ammayitho" in the second half.

"Romance" is a film you shouldn't mind giving a miss. I'm sure you have better things to do on a weekend and I recommend you stick to them.

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