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Thalaivaa is a Tamil - movie directed by A. L. Vijay,. Starring Vijay,Sathyaraj,Amala Paul,Rajiv Pillai,Santhanam,Nassar,Srinivasan,Manobala,Suresh,Y. G. Mahendra,VTV Ganesh,Rekha (South Indian actress),Ponvannan.

Thalaivaa Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Chandra Prakash Jain.
LYRICIST:Na. Muthukumar.

Thalaivaa Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 3.5/5)

The film releases with high expectations, especially after the issues concerning the release in Tamil Nadu. Thalaivaa starring Vijay and Amala Paul is directed by Madraspattinam, Thaandavam, Deivathirumagal fame A.L. Vijay. Trailer promised what to expect and the film gives exactly what the trailer promised.

Plot: A man becoming a leader.

Vijay all the way. Vijay delivers one of his best performances till date. His facial expression during the scene when his father is taken away by police is priceless. Awesome! He is so under-utilised and underrated. His eyes are so powerful that it can deliver so much of emotions when used well. As usual Vijay shines in dance sequences as well. Who is the cameraman? Nirav Shah, he finds beauty in everything that comes in the frame, including blood. Song sequences are beautifully captured and presented. Thanks to A.L. Vijay for inserting the short-songs at the right time, without making it boring. Amala Paul is beautiful and performs well, especially in the first half. Santhanam is like another hero in the first half and his oneliners are catchy. Sathyaraj, Abhimanyu and Rajiv Pillai are good but could have been used in a better way. Ponvannan is good.

A.L. Vijay impresses with this film better than any of his other films. This includes the making, technical quality, visuals and narration. Could have edited the length of the film for another five minutes, before and after the interval. G. V. Praksh’s music is catchy especially with Nirav Shah’s camera work and the impressive color tone. The change in the color tone shifts the mood of the film. Thalaivaa’s main strength is the way the director presents him in mass scenes. All the mass scenes are so silent onscreen and creates waves among audience. Well enacted.

Best parts:
· Dance sequences (all).
· Pre-interval scenes.
· Camera work, editing and the color tone used.

Watch it for:
· Vijay

What does not work!
· Climax
· The duration of the film which is close to three hours!

The presence of ghost film is really what brings this movie little bit down from being the best of recent times. One scene and dialogue – reminds us of Bhagavathi. But remember all Tamil films made in Mumbai are not Nayagan nor all Tamil films made about underworld is Baashha.

Any masala mass hero movie, no matter how excellent it begins, can easily descend into mediocre towards the end. This has happened to almost all good masala action films released in past few years, such as Ayan, Thuppaakki, 7am Arivu etc and it happens here also. Ten minutes editing would have made it a perfect mass entertainer.

Vijay and Vijay hits the right spot. Not perfect but good. Flawed but compelling. The price you pay for the film is worth it.

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