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Olipporu is a Malayalam - movie directed by A.V.Sasidharan. Starring Fahadh Faasil,Kalabhavan Mani,Thalaivasal Vijay,Sidharth Bharathan,Sareena Vahab,Subiksha,Sunil Sukhada.

Olipporu Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: A.V.Sasidharan.
STORY WRITER:Gopi Krishnan.

Olipporu Review

Review By Karthik
Raing: 1/5

Olipporu - A film directed by Sasidharan starring Fahad Fazil.

Story: Hard to find out the story from the movie; have to get the one-line.

Bit slow at the start but it goes even slower and slower from then on. Somewhere the basic thread looked good but the awful narration, desert drama kinda dialogues and poor performance from artists just destroyed any possibility for the film to strike well. The treatment of the actors was painful to watch. Thrashing a movie which works in any one of the aspect is wrong and was searching for a redeeming point all around. The quality of the filmmaking takes it to another level far below the majority of films released recently. Whole movie go by without anything happening. There is a thin line between beautiful and ugly, sadly. I cannot believe this is a movie starring Fahad Fazil.

Fahad Fazil looks good as usual. His body language and voice modulation are simply a continuation from his previous movies. His selection of films has been impressive but sadly he misses to hit this time. Rest of cast takes rest throughout the film.

The film tries to portray a man looking back on his life but is unconvincing because the character is too unbelievable and ridiculous.

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Olipporu Synopsis

Ajayan, born and bought up in a middle class family in a small village of Mid-Kerala, is now working in one of the cellars of software labyrinth of Bangaluru, and is very active in the invisible papyrus rolls of cyber literature, with a hidden face under the name of "Olipporali". He,with his creative words and fiery arguments got the attention of youth diaspora of malayalee people all over the world.But, in a certain moment of this cyber exercises, Ajayan along with friends who are active in blogs and social networks like Clutch, Gear,Brake, Pachakuthira and Vani want to devolope their creative activities to outside of the Cyber World. They planned to create a "Show" in Bangaluru, a "Fusion" of many art forms ; Drama,Poetry,Music,Paintings,Film Clippings etc.

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Olipporu trailer

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