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Prem Adda

Prem Adda is a Kannada - movie directed by Mahesh Babu. Starring rem,Kriti Kharbanda,Murali Krishna,S.Govind,Nagaraja Murthy Shivamanju ,Radha Ramachandra.

Prem Adda Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mahesh Babu.
PRODUCER:Mekha Murali Krishna.



Nagaraja Murthy Shivamanju

Radha Ramachandra

Prem Adda Review

"Prem Adda" lacks native elements
Rating **1/2

"Prem Adda" is a misleading title for this film which is a remake of 2007 Tamil trendsetting film "Subramaniapuram". The title for the Kannada remake has been selected mainly to appease director-actor Prem`s fans. Prem plays the lead role of Ranganatha a.k.a. Ranga in the film.

"Subramaniapuram" was hugely appreciated by fans. Set in the city of Madurai of 1980s, the artists were shown with their bell bottom pants, cool glasses and lungis, which were prominently used in that era. And the story was also easily identifiable in the sense that it focussed on how political leaders exploit the young, gullible uneducated persons to expand their support and villify their opponents.

The film was a violent drama which also dealt with the dilution of moral values in the society. There was a lot of nativity aspect in the film.

"Prem Adda" is a replica of "Subramaniapuram" to the core, except for the fact that Mahesh Babu, the director of the film has given greater degree of prominence to the violent action sequences. He lagged behind in adding some native aspects, peculiar to Karnataka.

Ranganatha and his three friends are petty criminals and like to lead an easy going life. They find themselves embroiled in a big problem and are helped by a local politician to come out of it. In the process, Ranga falls in love with the politician`s daughter Girija.

Ranga and his friends kill the politician`s opponent to showcase their loyalty. But they are booked for their crimes and the politician does not help them anyway to come out of the mess.

After Ranga and his friends come out of jail with the help of an inmate, they decide to seek revenge, which is followed by gory violence, chopping of heads, which reaches its peak in the climax.

Though the film has been shot in Kollegal and its peripheries, it lacks the elements of nativity that could have given the film a new identity. This is the major draw back of the film.

"Prem Adda" marches ahead than the original film as far as the commercial elements are concerned. Two superbly picturised item numbers are added attractions of the film. The musical composition of Hari Krishna is top class while the exceptional camera work also adds strength to the film.

The gory action sequences may be liked by the mass audience, but it may not go well with the female and family audience.

Prem struggles to make an impression in the film. He succeeds in his second attempt as an actor. Mekha Murali Krishna has also done a good job in his role. Kriti Kharbanda showcases the vulnabarility and subtlety that is needed for her role. Veteran actor Nagaraja Murthy has also done a neat job.

The film is high in its technical content, though the art director could have done something extra to get a natural and authentic look for the film.

"Prem Adda" is watchable for its huge presentation but the violence in the film may not be liked by the family audience.

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