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Villu is a Tamil - movie directed by Prabhu Deva. Starring Vijay,Nayantara,Vadivelu,Kushboo,Anandaraj,Vaiyapuri.

Villu Cast / Crew
BANNER: Ayngaran International Films
SINGERS:Baba Sehgal.

Villu Review

`Villu`: fighting baddies, graphic cows and - boredom (IANS Film Review)

Rating: *

Rumour has it that "Villu" (bow) is an unacknowledged remake of Hindi hit "Soldier".

But, on screen, but for a thin starting line wherein the hero`s father is killed by an arms dealer, there is nothing in common between the two films.

The low down on this bow is as follows:

A local superhero Pugazh (Vijay) with little else to do other than bash up the baddies after a troubled childhood chases a skirt named Jhanvi (Nayanthara), offspring of an international arms dealer (Prakash Raj).

A story with more holes than Swiss cheese (some of it takes place in Switzerland), occasional flashes of Nayanthara dressed in apologies for attire, an absent screenplay and listless work by cinematographer Ravi Varman tests everyone`s patience till the auditorium`s lights come on to the relief of the audience.

As if all this silliness isn`t enough, Vijay fights with a graphic cow (!) in a needless sequence.

Then there is the matronly Khushboo doing some sort of a "Kuthu" item number with surprising agility and grace.

Devi Sri Prasad`s music is an assault on the ears.

Incidentally, for Ayngaran - the banner under which this bomb has been produced also accounted for an earlier flop "Aegan" starring Ajith Kumar - directed by Deva`s sibling Raju Sundaram.

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