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Yamudiki Mogudu

Yamudiki Mogudu is a Telugu - movie directed by E.Satti Babu. Starring Allari Naresh,Richa Panai,Ramya Krishna,Sayaji Shinde,Tanikella Bharani,Naresh,Hema.

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Yamudiki Mogudu Review

`Yamudiki Mogudu`: In search of logic
Rating: *1/2

Cashing in on the success of Naresh`s last film "Sudigadu", the makers of "Yamudiki Mogudu" give us a socio-fantasy flick that neither promises logic nor any rib-tickling laughter moments. Despite the presence of an ensemble cast spearheaded by Naresh and a few senior comedians in the industry, the film struggles to even generate genuinely laughable moments. Even though the film carries a socio-fantasy genre tag, all that it qualifies to be called is comedy deprived of any sense.

Yamaja, daughter of Yama comes to Bhooloka with the sole intention of falling in love with a drama artist, played by Allari Naresh, possessing divine powers. She wouldn`t give up even after being rejected multiple times, until a golden opportunity comes her way.

Naresh marries Yamaja as part of a stage play, knowing little that this idea would only lead to bigger problems in his life. Yamaja, who happens to have taken the wedding way too seriously, demands to stay with Naresh.

Initially, she is allowed to stay with Naresh under the pretence of a maid. But gradually, impressed by her seductive side, Naresh gives in and eventually falls in love with her. And before you know it, they are happily in love.

Yama, who sends his son in search of his daughter, soon follows to Bhooloka on the same mission. He finds his daughter and takes her back to Yamlok, hoping to not have her daughter meet Naresh again.

Will Naresh get reunited with Yamaja? If yes, then how does he do it? This forms the rest of the story.

Had director Satti Babu asked himself what is the purpose of the film even before he started filming, I am sure he would have found plenty of reasons to not make this film. This film has a promising premise with the scope to weave sensible comedy. Sadly, what we get finally is an unsatisfying spoof on several films and film stars.

In the name of comedy, so many mythological characters are squandered shamelessly. Though sometimes it is funny, on the whole, the concept of cracking jokes at our own mythological characters seems unacceptable. For instance, having Yama portrayed susceptible to whisky or women, is a little hard to digest.

After a series of films circling around Yama over the years, "Yamudiki Mogudu" comes as no surprise, but merely as an extension of the character under the false pretext of creativity.

Sayaji Shinde is definitely one of the best actors in the industry, but to have him play a role which was originally played by men with impeccable and strong command over Telugu is disappointing.

The new characters that were forcibly placed in the narrative only end up irking everybody, while the inclusion of scenes such as the cricket episode have little or no effect in the overall context of the film.

Naresh plays his part with maximum potential and impresses his fans successfully, while Ramya Krishna, as Yama`s wife, fails miserably. Richa Panai as the leading lady ends up showing more skin and less talent.

Koti`s music is passable and so is the film`s cinematography. Art work has few moments worth a mention, but on the whole it isn`t noteworthy.
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