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Keka is a Telugu - movie directed by Teja. Starring Raja,Ishana,Anup Kumar,Thalaivasal Vijay.

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Anup Kumar

Keka Review

`Keka` deserves a miss
By Ayyappa Prasad

Rating: *

Producer-director Teja has returned to filmdom after a hiatus of three years and it shows in Keka as it not in keeping with the current trends and lacks modern methods of storytelling.

The movie obviously is a mix of earlier movies made by Teja, which weren`t much anyway. So we have a boy-meets-girl tale with a minor glitch. City slickers Arjun (Raja) and Sujata (Ishana) bump into each other during a holiday in a village and become friends. Soon their friendship turns into love. After the vacation Arjun and Sujata leave to pursue their higher education.

Arjun`s friend Kiran (Anup), who is also studying with him in the same college, shows Sujata`s photos in his cell phone and tells him that she is his fiancee. After that Arjun tries to shun Sujata`s thoughts from his mind. But incidentally, Sujata too joins the same college and she is happy to reunite with Arjun. She convinces Arjun to tell Kiran about their love. This hackneyed melodramatic scenes and corny lines ends in an insipid climax. For a debutant, Raja more than passes muster. Ishana and Anup to say the least are pathetically wooden faced. Known for his scintillating filming, P.C. Sreeram seems to wake up only during filming of three songs. Chakri has done a job with musical score. Else, Keka is a movie three years too late.

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