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Blade Babjee

Blade Babjee is a Telugu - movie directed by Devi Prasad. Starring Allari Naresh,Sayali Bhagat,Ritika,Harsha Vardhan,Venumadhav,Ruthika.

Blade Babjee Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Devi Prasad.


Harsha Vardhan


Blade Babjee Review

`Blade Babjee`- sheer waste of time
By Ayyappa Prasad


Blade Babjee, made on a shoestring budget, is a spoof on several hit Telugu films and stretches viewers` imagination a bit too far with its impossible and illogical situations. Actors have been allowed to adlib till the end by the director, Devi Prasad. 

The storyline follows the set routine and fails to impress anyone. A crooked builder threatens dwellers of a shanty town to vacate or cough up Rs.40 million. Blade Babjee (Allari Naresh), a small time thief, manages to rob a bank and stashes the loot in a construction site and drops out of sight. When the `Blade` turns up to retrieve the stash, he finds the place has morphed into the office of the commissioner of police.

The rest of the story is how the small-time thief disguised as a newly recruited junior officer tries to get his loot back. Naresh with oodles of experience with light hearted stuff and Rithika, as his accomplice, do a decent job carrying off all with the raunchy gags. Sayali Bhagat, the female lead is merely an adornment. The rest of the cast do not merit a mention.

Silly shots, rickety sets, absent production values devoid of any directorial vision and a cacophony for music actually end up reducing the value of some of the rather ribald jokes that evoke few laughs.

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