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Souryam is a Telugu - movie directed by Siva. Starring Gopichand,Anushka Shetty,Poonam Kaur,Manoj K. Jayan,M.S. Narayana,Krishna Bhagwan,Ali,Ajay.

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Souryam Review

`Souryam`: mix of violence, valour and vengeance

 Rating: * 1/2

"Souryam" (valour) is a generous mix of commercial condiments - romance, puppy love, foreign locales, college shenanigans, brotherly affection and vendetta-generated brute strength with a fair sprinkling of comedy.

In other words, it is yet another Gopichand movie.

The storyline is simple.

Gopichand plays an angry cop Vijay who decimates the evil empire of an underworld don (Manoj K. Jayan), romances with a ragging, college lass (Anushka) and sweats to locate and save a long-lost sibling portrayed by Poonam Kaur from the climactic, cinematic dangers in Kolkata.

Gopichand`s muscular frame renders the make-believe action, necessitated by Manoj`s convincing villainy, passably watchable.

In between come the punctuations of Anushka`s well-put-together vital-statistics.

Other additional welcome distractions from Ali, M.S. Narayana and Krishna Bhagwan reduce the tension induced by action-scenes` galore.

Director J. Siva has packed all the elements common to Gopichand-starrers.

Jayan, the surprise package from Kerala, emotes better than the rest.

The climax is along the expected lines.

Thanks to over exposure in Indian cinema Switzerland has become a suburb next door. Yet, its beauty forms a good backdrop for two hummable songs before the intermission.

Music director Mani Sharma blots his copybook through the other four numbers, which are only extra opportunities to augment cinema refreshment stalls` business.
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