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Pandhayam is a Tamil - movie directed by S.A. Chandrasekhar. Starring Vijay(New),Nithin Sathya,Sindhu Tolani,Prakash Raj,Raadhika Sarathkumar.

Pandhayam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: S.A. Chandrasekhar.
BANNER: V V Creations


Nithin Sathya

Sindhu Tolani

Pandhayam Review

`Pandhayam` - a bad movie bet 

half a star

"Pandhayam" means `bet` in English.

Not only the director, cast and crew have bet against themselves but also ensured that they end up losers. The movie looks like one that suffered a double Rip Van Winkle slumber since the 70s sans the vintage quality of that era.

In a nutshell, it is all about a youth, played by Nithin Sathya taking a trip to Chennai to see movie icon Vijay who is allowed to be himself.

One of his Sathya`s friends gets bumped off by a don portrayed by a hamming Prakash Raj.

So the bumpkin manages to wangle the don`s daughter enacted by Sindhu Tolani.

One wonders why Sathya who got attracted critical acclaim in "Chennai 600028" did this bomb.

Sindhu Tolani fails to impress. Vijay`s presence in a guest role fails to revive the film. The less said about Vijay Anthony`s music the better.

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