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Dhoni is a Tamil - movie directed by Prakash Raj. Starring Akash,Mugdha Godse,Murali Sharma,Tanikella Bharani,Hema.

Dhoni Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Prakash Raj.
PRODUCER:Prakash Raj.

Dhoni Review

`Dhoni`entertaining film with strong message (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: ***

Prakash Raj, an all-rounder, has now proved to be a dependable captain with his new role as director. His directorial venture Dhoni is all about change as the movie highlights the flaws in the present education system. 

Subramanyam (Prakash Raj) alias Subbu is a government employee. He has two children - a son and a daughter. Subbu does a part time job to ensure that his son Karthick (Akash) and daughter get a good education.

The daughter fulfils her father`s the expectations, but the son is more interested in sports. His attention is more on cricket than studies. His idolizes Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his passion to become like the World Cup winning captain affects his studies.

After his continuous bad performances in school, the school management decides to withhold his result. 

Subbu gets upset and abuses his son, both verbally and physically. Unable to bear it, the boy slips into a coma.

Son`s unconscious state opens the eyes of Subbu who feels terribly sorry for his act. He realises that he has made a big mistake. He slowly understands that there is nothing wrong in the son. 

He realizes that it is the education system that puts pressure on kids. He feels that the whole education system should be changed. 

Thus Subbu starts a mission, while his son is undergoing treatment. 

Watch the movie to know what transpires next.

Prakash Raj has done a marvellous job in Dhoni. He undertakes all the responsibilities with amazing ease. His acting and handling the subject as director are outstanding. He has driven home the message in a sound manner. 

Yes, the film is preachy at times and it is also predictable after a point. But Prakash Raj has managed to provide us with an entertainer with a strong message. 

Akash (son of popular Telugu filmmaker Puri Jagannadh) fits the bill well. Others including Brahmanandam, Tannikella Bharani, Radhika Apte, and Nasser have done their respective jobs well. 

Ilayaraja`s music and K.V. Guhan`s cinematography lift the movie to a great extent. The veteran musician gives life to the script with his songs and background score while the young cinematographer adds colour to the fare.

The film`s pace is not so appealing and the drama in the climax is uncalled for. 

Barring the drawbacks, Dhoni leaves an impact. The powerful performances and the sensitive narrative make it a watchable fare. 

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