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`Nandeeswarudu` - extremely violent, bad remake (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: *1/2

Ratna`s new film Nandeeswarudu is a bad remake of Kannada film Deadly Soma, directed by Ravi Srivatsa. Deadly Soma was based on the tragic story of Soma, a brilliant student, who turns into a dreaded don due to circumstances. Since it had aconnectivity with some real life incidents, the film became a hit despite many loopholes in narration.

Director Anji Sreenu of Nandeeswarudu has not tried to cover the loopholes in the original film, which had a heavy dose of violence and was replete with gory action sequences where limbs and heads are just chopped off.

The film`s scriptwriters Parachuri Brothers have not used their expertise to write an engaging and interesting script. Apart from this unnecessary bloodshed, the viewers are made to watch a film that fails to raise above the ordinary. The film`s slow and tedious narration and insipid dialogues test your patience.

Beyond a point, this extremely violent film becomes unbearable to watch.

The story is about Nandu, a brillaint student aspiring to become an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer. His parents are much respected in his native village, but Nandu turns violent after being witness to an attempted rape and killing by a group of villains.

He is sent to jail and his dream of becoming an IAS ends. When Nandu comes out of the jail, he tries to reform himself, but finds little support in his village or in the city. He forms a group which tries to help people in need. But he becomes an underworld don himself by killing his adversaries in the field. He bcomes Nandeeswarudu for many poor people, who are helped by him.

Later, a strict police officer Eshwar Prasad wants to eliminate him and his gang members. How Nandeeswarudu plays a game with the police officer, forms the rest of the plot.

Taraka Ratna, grandson of legendary actor NTR, has tried enough to prove his mettle. Unfortunately, he has such a bad choice of films and directors, that all his efforts go in vain. `Nandeeswarudu` is the latest example. As an actor he needs to imrpove a lot in his dialogue delivery.

The film`s heroine Sheena has nothing much to do and her performance is awful. Veteran actor Jagapathi Babu shines in the police officer`s role. Suman and Seetha are wasted in the film. Nothing can be said about the villains in the film as they put on a similar act in many films they have acted earlier.

The photography and editing work is inconsistent, while the music is loud. The background music is an assault on your ears. Exercise extreme caution and don`t take your family members to this extremely violent film.

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