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Pranayam is a Malayalam - movie directed by Blessy. Starring Mohanlal,Anupam Kher,Jaya Pradha,Anoop Menon,Niyaz,Sreenath Bhasi,Niveda Thomas,Apoorva Bose.

Pranayam Cast / Crew
BANNER: Fragrant Nature Films
PRODUCER:Anish Jacob.

Pranayam Synopsis

Right from the heart of Blessy, here is a story about love, that emotion that can take many dimensions and touch man`s heart in unexpected ways!

On the backdrop of socio-emotional contemplation, a poem has blossomed in the heart of Blessy, a movie on love `PRANAYAM`

Love is boundless, love is free and love is eternal. Love is independent of circumstances or situations, people and relationships. Love is that beautiful emotion that inspires and motivates every human being to live and look ahead in hope. Love is an incomprehensive and intangible emotion.

`PRANAYAM` is a unique portrayal of that great emotion `love` which binds man to one another through life`s journey. It is a classic narration of the different dimensions of love capturing the joys and pain, loss and gain, the present and the past ... and so much more in between.

Love is a mighty rain that can drench you when u least expect it to. The only golden rule in love is love itself.

Through `PRANAYAM` The passionate and skillful director and story writer, Blessy, brings alive the subtle yet intense emotions that surround yet another dimension of love.

The lead roles played by three great artists who have graced the Indian Cinema industry for decades with their versatile expertise and great talent, Mohanlal, Jayaprada and Anupam Kher, bring alive very beautifully and naturally, this beautiful love story, PRANAYAM.

Along with direction, Blessy has also written the story and screenplay for PRANAYAM.

The Producers of PRANAYAM are Mr. and Mrs. Sajeev P.K, an NRI malayalee couple.

Sajeev has explicitly said that he is aiming to make PRANAYAM a movie that would go deep into the minds of the audience and spread the magic of love.

Love, companionship and togetherness are all integrated to form the underlying theme of the film.

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