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Dhada is a Telugu - movie directed by Ajay Bhuyan ,. Starring Naga Chaitanya,Kajal Aggarwal,Srikanth,Tanikella Bharani,.

Dhada Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ajay Bhuyan ,.
BANNER: Sri Kamakshi Kala Movies
PRODUCER:Shivaprasad Reddy.
LYRICIST:Ananta Sriram,.

Dhada Review

Flawed script makes `Dhada` ordinary fare (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: **

Actor Naga Chaithanya`s new film Dhada raised expectations for two reasons. The first was that audiences wanted to see how young Naga prepared for his first mass-oriented role with actions and dances. Since the film was made under the banner of Kamakshi Films, which has made several big-budgeted mass entertainers with superstar Nagarjuna, it was expected that Dhada will have a larger canvas and that nothing will be spared in terms of using commercial elements.

Another factor that had created interest was the fact that the debutant director Ajay Bhuyan showed a high degree of passion towards films when her resigned from his high paying job to turn into a director. Ajay is an M. Tech from a foreign university and he had opted for films to achieve something in life.

But all the expectations from Ajay meet disappointment as Dhada is nothing but an ordinary commercial film made with style. The film lacks substance and there is no strength in the script. The narration is so boring that you wonder how an highly educated person like Ajay can make such a silly film. In short, the film is a wasted effort.

Even Naga Chaithanya, who had two back to back hits Em Maayam Chesaav` and 100 % Love, looks thoroughly unprepared for his first mass role. His dialogue delivery in Telugu is unimpressive. Though he has tried to be fit enough for his first action oriented role, somehow the sequences in the film look unconvincing.

Ajay Bhuyan might have thought making a commercial entertainer is the easiest thing, but he has totally failed in his attempt by opting for a poor script. The story of the film does not have anything new and every sequence looks totally predictable and the first time director has failed to engage the audience.

The main drawback of the film is its sloppy and slow narration.

In the film, Vishwas likes to do adventurous things on his own. Vishwas falls in love with Rhea whose father wants her to marry a rich businessman. Meanwhile, Vishwas tries to save a girl from being kidnapped.

But the gang, who are into human trafficking, led by RD and Kelly, wants to go tough against Vishwas for scuttling their attempts. Meanwhile the gang tries to involve Vishwas` brother Rajeev in their activities. After lots of twists and turns the film ends up conveying nothing to the audience. Despite its grandeur and style of making, Dhada fails to attract the audience mainly because of the weak script.

Naga showed some drawbacks in Em Mayam Chesaav and 100 % Love, but the film could succeed because of the freshness in the narration. But the weak script of Dhada makes Naga`s shortcomings more striking. He has yet to attain the appeal to become a star.

Kajal looks attractive in her designer costumes, but she couldn`t have a good on screen chemistry with Nag. Brahmanandam`s comedy do not gel well with the film. The performance of villain`s are too predictable.

Dhada does not boast of very good song compositions either. Some how Devi Prasad seems to be inconsistent. But the camera work is top class.

Dhada is an ordinary fare.

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