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Pilla zamindar

Pilla zamindar is a Telugu - movie directed by Ashok. Starring Avasarala Srinivas,Shilpa,Haripriya,Rao Ramesh,Nani,Bindu Madhavi,Meghna Naidu,Vennela Kishore,M. S. Narayana,Nagineedu,Srinivas Avasarala,Dhanraj.

Pilla zamindar Cast / Crew
BANNER: SS Cinimas
PRODUCER:Master Bujji Babu.

Pilla zamindar Review

`Pilla Zamindar` is above average (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: **1/2

Pilla Zamindar starts off well with some breezy comedy sequences and takes off in the middle of the first half. The first half is a racy entertainer which is enjoyable but in the second half the film treads in a totally different path with a lot of forced sentimental sequences.

Director Ashok G. has tried to provide balance by focusing on comedy elements in the first half and excessive sentimental sequences in the second half. He is only partly successful in his endeavour.

He has tried to send a good message to the youngsters who abuse their rich background. The breeziness in the first half is totally absent in the second half where the film concentrates more on the melodrama. 

The director shows his calibre in crafting the entertainment scenes but he has compromised too much in the second half by including some unnecessary dramatic sequences.

Nani plays the role of Praveen Jayarama Raju (better known as PJ by his friends) who would like to lead a rich life. He gets to know that he will own the big fortune of his grandfather who has left a will in his favour. But it has put forth some conditions. 

He likes to spend his money and is against studying further but the will puts a condition that he has to complete his graduation. How the need to acquire the property changes Nani forms the rest of the story. 

He is in love with a girl but is also followed by a rich, hot girl.

Nani gives a powerful performance and shows that he has improved leaps and bounds after he made his debut in Bheemli Kabaddi Jattu. He shows his increased confidence through this film. 

Kannada girl Hari Priya`s performance in the lead role is much appreciable. The film`s second heroine, Bindu Madhavi, has been restricted to add the glamour quotient.

All the other veteran and young artists who have essayed character roles have been impressive.

Pilla Zamindar is an above average film which has Nani`s impressive performance as a major highlight.

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