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Hudugru is a Kannada - movie directed by Maadesh. Starring Puneet Rajkumar,Radhika Pandit,Sreenagara Kitty,Yogesh,Rangayana Raghu,Vishal Hegde,Ramya Barne,Sadhu Kokila.

Hudugru Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Maadesh.
BANNER: Chakreshwari Combines
PRODUCER:Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar.
SINGERS:Mamta Sharma.

Sreenagara Kitty

Rangayana Raghu

Vishal Hegde

Ramya Barne

Sadhu Kokila

Hudugru Review

`Hudugru`, an interesting watch (IANS Review)  

Rating: *** 

Hudugru comes just after Puneet Raj Kumar`s blockbuster hit Jackie which created big records in the box office. The film is the remake of Tamil trend-setting film Nadodigal directed by Samuththirakani, which was already made in Telugu. It was for the first time that Kannada film industry`s leading star Puneet was doing a multi-starrer along with not-so-popular stars like Sreenagara Kitty and Yogish.

Hudugru which has been released with a low key promotional events was certainly a much expected film for Kannada film fans.

The film is an entertainer and has retained the many positive elements of the Tamil original, but some how in totality the film does not generate the feel of the original film. Nadodigal had many unknown artists playing the characters of the film, but in its Kannada remake version we see well-known artists trying their level best to look convincing in the characters written so well in the script. Hudugru engages the audience with a fast-paced narration, thanks to the strength of the script and the freshness seen on screen.

The fact that a star like Puneet Raj Kumar chose to play the role of the protagonist sans any punchy dialogues and that he has allowed an actor like Yogi to garner more attention is to be commended. Yogi not only shines but takes away the full honours in this film.

Hudugru starts off in an uninteresting manner, but then the film builds up tempo within 20 to 30 minutes, after which it takes the form of a fast-paced thriller. The interval point is the highlight of this film. And the first half clearly belongs to Yogi who continues with his act of bringing the entire house down even in the second half.

The honours should also go to Puneet and Radhika Pandit till the first half. The second half is the real weak link in the film. The film drags until the last 20 minutes when it throws up some interest in the proceedings. Director Maadesh should have tried to edit all those sequences which have a strong native base in the Tamil film which is alien to Karnataka. The second biggest mistake is that Maadesh has just allowed his character artists to scream and shout, which was unnecessary for a film remade in Kannada.

Though the film salvages itself in the last 20 minutes and the climax portions, it fails to generate the feel of the original film.

Hudugru stands several notches higher in the action sequences though.

Prabhu and his friends Chandru and Sidda are waiting for a good day to settle in life. Prabhu is in love with Gayathri, but her father wants him to settle in life after securing a government job. All the three are united and do not take independent decisions. Sudhi`s mother, an assertive Member of Parliament, opposes his love with Shwetha and even finds a suitable bride for him. Meanwhile Shwetha`s rich father has already organised an engagement ceremony for his daughter. Prabhu decides to take the help of his friends to take away Shwetha from her father Parasiva Murthy`s home. They succeed in their mission and the lovers even tie the knot at a temple.

But in the process, Prabhu loses his love, Chandru loses his leg which is amputated and Siddhu`s ear drums get punctured permanently. While the three friends suffer in silence, they get to know that the lovers for whom they fought so dearly are on the verge of a divorce. Prabhu and his friends are humiliated by the lovers when they decide to meet them. Finally Prabhu teaches them a lesson and make them understand the importance of love.

Yogi has used his signature style dialogue and body language effectively to prove his worth in the film. The role is tailor made for him. Then comes Puneet Raj Kumar whose performance in the climax sequence is brilliant. Kitty is quite good in his role, but some how his character lacks the charm of Sidda or Prabhu. Radhika Pandit is once more a revelation what with her bright eyes and expressive emotions. Puneet and Radhika make a very good pair with a nice on-screen chemistry.

The musical score of Hari Krishna is average. Guru Prasads dialogues are hard hitting and witty.

Despite a few aberrations and flaws Hudugru makes an interesting watch.

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