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Shakti is a Telugu - movie directed by Meher Ramesh. Starring Jr. NTR,Ileana,Manjari Fadnis,Jackie Shroff,Pooja Bedi,Brahmanandam,Sayaji Shinde,S. P. Balasubrahmanyam,Pavitra Lokesh.

Shakti Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Meher Ramesh.
PRODUCER:C. Ashwini Dutt.
STORY WRITER:JK Bharavi,Yandamoori.

Shakti Review

`Shakthi` a disappointment for NTR fans (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: *

Shakthi, touted as the costliest film ever made in the Telugu film industry, may not appeal to the viewers because of illogical and contradictory sequences. After watching the NTR starrer, one feels director Mehar Ramesh`s common sense went for a toss when he was directing the movie.

How would you explain a sequence that shows crooked Egyptians coming to India on horses back? There are many bloomers like this in the film, which has many plots and sub-plots to confuse the audience.

Mehar Ramesh, who directed flops like Billa, a remake of Tamil hit, has not learnt any lessons from his past mistakes and in Shakthi he has goofed up even more. The film looks mediocre. Minus NTR and the glamorous Ileana, you have nothing in the film to talk about. Not even Mani Sharma`s music.

NTR, who was on career high with two big hits Adurs and Brindavanam, should be blamed for believing in the director.

Despite its visual grandeur, Shakthi fails to appeal to the audience because of Mehar Ramesh`s work. The film also lacks continuity and it seems the director was more interested in picturisation of songs and fights but didn`t bother to back it up with credible incidents in the script.

It seems director S.S. Rajamouli`s successful Magadheera inspired Mehar Ramesh to make a socio fantasy with reincarnation as sub plot. But his effort turns into a nightmare.

Fed up with the security cover around her, Aishwarya, daughter of home minister Mahadevarayulu, escapes from her home and goes to Rajasthan to enjoy a holiday with friends. There she meets Shakthi who introduces himself as a tourist guide. Shakthi saves her from several attacks from unidentified goons.

As the film progresses, it is revealed that the minster is on a mission to get a sword called Rudrashoolam from Jackie as it is required to perform special pooja on the day of eclipse. Egyptian queen Fakthoom too wants Rudrashoolam because her cruel husband was killed when he tried to acquire it.

Fakthoom negotiates with Jackie for the sword. Later she wants to put pressure on the minister and even wants to kidnap her daughter. The rest of the film shows how Shakthi manages to win the battle.

NTR excels in fights and songs, but he fails to rise above the weak story. Ileana looks stunning in the songs and certainly she is an eye catcher. The film boasts of many Bollywood artists including Sonu Sood, Pooja Bedia and Jackie Shroff.

Sameer Reddy`s camera work is another saving grace of the film.

The comedians have little to do.

Shakthi is certainly a below average flick and a huge disappointment for NTR fans.

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