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Brindavanam is a Telugu - movie directed by Vamsi Paidipally. Starring Jr. NTR,Kajal Aggarwal,Samantha,Prakash Raj,Srihari,Venu Madhav,Brahmanandam,Kota Srinivasa Rao,Sampath Raj,Hema,Raghu Babu,Sithara,Ajay,M. S. Bhaskar.

Brindavanam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Vamsi Paidipally.
LYRICIST:Ananta Sriram.
STORY WRITER:Koratala Siva.

Brindavanam Review

`Brindavanam` - a good treat for family audience (IANS Film Review)

Rating: ***

Brindavanam is a made-to-order product for Telugu superstar Junior NTR who has so far only been seen in action and comedy-oriented films. Brindavanam does not exactly give him a changed image, but is a film in a different setting.

Vamsi Paidpally has crafted a family-oriented story which has packaged all the commercial ingredients in right proportions. But the story is not an original idea.

Many sequences look like a take off from earlier Telugu films like Chiranjeevi`s Bhavagaaru Baagunnaara and Naari Naari Naduvu Murari.

And more than its cliched look, the film`s story does not raise above the levels of an ordinary pot boiler. What differentiates the film from other NTR mass-based films is that extra power with which the actor shines in family-related sentimental sequences.

As usual, he looks a perfect scene stealer in the fight and dance sequences. This is one thing that Paidpally has capitalised on heavily in his second venture. He has tried to avoid all the mistakes he did in his debut Munna, which had style but less of substance.

Brindavanam scores not only because of NTR`s screen presence, but also for some heart-touching sequences and superbly crafted comedy sequences featuring him, Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav.

The story of Brindavanam revolves around multi-millionaire Krish who is actually in love with Indu, but is forced to go to Bhoomi`s house in a distant village to help her.

Indu pleads with Krish to help her distressed friend Bhoomi who is forced by her father to marry a crooked relative.

Krish enters Bhoomi`s house as her lover, but soon turns into a messiah, solving all the problems in the household. He becomes a darling in the household and even succeeds in sorting out the differences between Bhoomi`s father and his younger brother.

Problem starts when Indu comes back to be with her lover and friend. Indu is actually the adopted daughter of Bhoomi`s uncle. How the problem gets resolved in the end forms the rest of the story.

NTR looks stylish in the whole film and pleases his fans in sequences with commercial ingredients. His dialogue delivery is another strong point.

However, the two actresses fail to impress.

Samantha looks pale while Kajal Agarwal is good only in the songs. Veteran artistes Prakash Raj and Srihari are perfect choices for their roles. Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav are very good in comedy sequences.

Thaman`s music is not extraordinary but Nijamena and Evarevaro songs are good. Cinematography is top class. Fights are really well composed.

Brindavanam is a good treat for family audience and NTR fans this Dussehra.

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