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Crank 2

Crank 2 is a Hollywood - movie directed by Mark Neveldine ,Brian Taylor. Starring Jason Statham,Amy Smart,Dwight Yoakam.

Crank 2 Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mark Neveldine ,Brian Taylor.

Amy Smart

Dwight Yoakam

Crank 2 Review

`Crank 2` high on violence, obscenity (IANS Film Review )  


Most films have a point, a reason why they are made. "Crank 2" has one too. And it is to cram up the film with as much profanity and gory violence as possible. Besides being a joy-ride for all those who like obscenity, there`s not much you`ll get from this movie.

Like the first part of "Crank", where our hero Chevy (Statham) had just a few hours to live before the Chinese poison in his veins killed him, this time his actual heart has been taken out and he has been fitted with an artificial one that requires electric jolts to keep it running.

So, while Chevy kicks and curses his way on to find his heart, he ingeniously looks for ways to keep his heart going - by giving himself shock from car batteries, hugging an electric pole, zapping himself with a police tazer or when none of it is available, generating some static electricity by rubbing his body against the next body he finds.

Besides Chevy, and some loony characters, most of whom are either prostitutes, pimps or gangsters, each competing with the other in the profound use of profanity, there isn`t much going on.

So in one film you have as much sex, nude women, curse words, generally insane behaviour, odd camera work and fish eye camera angles put together as much as possible. Considering this you can either rank this a masterpiece or utter nonsense.

At any rate, this one is sure to make it to the Guinness book for the maximum number of swear words possible within the span of a movie.

But if you are a junkie, you`ll love the absolute lack of decorum or sanity in the movie. If subtlety is your liking, you`ll either tear all your hair apart or go hug an electric pole yourself to save yourself from this film.

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