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Don Seenu

Don Seenu is a Telugu - movie directed by Gopichand Malineni. Starring Ravi Teja,Shriya Saran,Nassar,Anjana Sukhani,Srihari,Sayaji Shinde,Brahmanandam,Ali,Venu Madhav,Raghu Babu,Brahmaji.

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`Don Seenu` a Ravi Teja film all the way (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: **1/2

"Don Seenu" is a typical Ravi Teja film - predictable yet entertaining. If you`ve seen films like "Dubai Seenu", "Kick", "Vikramarkudu" and "Bhadra", then it won`t be difficult to predict the story of "Don Seenu".

The story per se offers nothing fresh. Ravi Teja once again plays an irresponsible guy falling in love with a girl and trying hard to get her approval.

Then comes the inevitable twists where the villains play spoilsport to enable Ravi Teja to do some action acrobatics. And then is the formulaic climax, where eventually all is well that ends well.

Ravi Teja`s acting does get a bit monotonous though the film`s setting and visuals are great. He might get monotonous but his dialogue delivery, specially in the comic scenes, is bound to enteratin you.

Despite the predictable story, Ravi Teja tries to salvage the film with his abundant talent in mimicry, dialogue delivery and stunts.

Another negative aspect of the movie is that its second half tends to drag.

In the film, Ravi Teja plays Seenu, who has been an Amithabh Bachchan fan from childhood. He likes being called `Don Seenu` to such an extent that he won`t answer anybody, including his teacher, when he is referred to as Seenu.

Seenu grows up to be the henchman of Don Machineni, who has a running feud with another don called Narsing. Machineni hatches a plan whereby Seenu falls in love with Narsing`s sister Deepthi, who is already engaged to a big businessman`s son.

But there is a twist in the tale as Machineni finds out that Seenu is actually falling for his own sister.

"Don Seenu" is a Ravi Teja film all the way. He is superb in the role and is sure to entertain audiences. Shriya, who has returned to the Telugu film industry after a gap of nearly three years, only adds to the glamour quotient with her chique outfits.

"Don Seenu" is worth a watch only for Ravi Teja`s entertaining acts.

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